How to read this table

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How much firepower does a ship in Star Atlas bring to the table? And more important: How much stronger is that amount of firepower compared to other ships on the marketplace?

A question that was difficult to answer until now, as there was no indication of the strength of the various components. This has changed with the recently published economic report of the Star Atlas team. Hidden in a footnote on page 8 of the report we find the following sentence:

“The components are not linearly additive. For example, two Small class maneuvering thrusters do not equate to a Medium size maneuvering thruster. In fact, two Small class components equate to roughly 73.5% of the output of one Medium component. The general rule of thumb is that component productivity increases by a factor of 2.7 with each class.”

Based on this statement, our Aephia experts have calculated the firepower of all ships from the Star Atlas Metaverse. There are a few points to keep in mind:

  • We currently do not know how much stronger a missile is compared to a Weapon Hardpoint. The current version assumes twice the firepower. This table will be updated as soon as we have new information.
  • Turret Gunners may play in role how effectively a Weapon Hardpoint can be used, but have no effect on raw firepower for now.
  • Firepower refers primarily to combat between ships. The Bomb Bay module is also currently not considered in the scoring, as we assume that bombs are primarily used against Star Bases or land-based facilities.
  • The same is true for the Drone Port Module. We know that there will be attack drones (like the X91) but can not estimate their firepower at this point.
  • Having an ammunition module equipped does not add to the firepower, but we still wanted to mention it in the notes for each ship.
  • The rating is of course not financial advice. It is speculative theorycrafting that has been developed by our most dedicated AEP members through extensive research and attention to detail.

In addition to pure firepower, we also calculated for each ship how much firepower you get for your money based on VWAP. To do this, we divide the firepower by the VWAP.