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Townhall recap – December 16th, 2022

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Pearce X4 - Blue Tigu Skin
Pearce X4 – Blue Tigu Skin

Santi and Michael are hosting this very last Townhall of the year!

Skin Airdrop

The year 2022 had ups and downs. Today SCORE is celebrating its 1-year-old anniversary!

To show appreciation to the community for sticking with the team through everything and to celebrate SCORE’s birthday, the team is dropping 3 different Pearce X4 skins later today. The skins you’ll receive are based on the number of days you have enlisted ships in Faction Fleet:

  • 7+ Days enlisted: Suntiger Pearce X4 Skin
  • 150+ Days enlisted: RedX-IV Pearce X4 Skin
  • 300+ Days enlisted: Blue Tigu Pearce X4 Skin

Best Graphics

Star Atlas has won the Best Graphics prize in the PolkastarterGG Game3 Awards!

Game3 Award: Best Graphics
Game3 Award: Best Graphics

Year Recap

Michael did a quick run-through of the highlights of 2022 for the team:

  • January: Feature reveal of Faction aligned companies
  • February: Phase 2 of GAO
  • March: Won site of the year award for
  • March: Published the first weekly edition of the Roadmap Scan
  • April: Collab with Sandbox
  • May: Participated in the Solana Miami event & Hacker House
  • June: First-ever edition of the COPA festival
  • June: First-ever quarterly State of the Economy Report
  • July: First 426Live event – Big product launches: Star Atlas DAO platform, POLIS Locker, Star Path referral system, Galactic Marketplace V2
  • September: AI-generated art contest
  • September: Second 426Live event – Showroom R1, SCREAM Hanger Viewer, F-Kit (Foundation SDK), ATLAS Locker, Sustainable Governance paper
  • October: Another collaboration with Sandbox
  • November: bittersweet moment; High of the year: Breakpoint (games day, early access R2, keynote), kicked off Star Atlas CORE and rolled out a recovery plan: Golden Era – Start Sequence
  • December: Star Sequence continues with land sales, Winter break on the 21st (back on the 3rd),

Special mentions made by Michael along the way:

  • Quimeracon in Madrid, Santi was there, close to 100 Star Atlas enthusiasts in real life, very professional!
  • Shout out to Funcracker for organizing a community event where the team could meet people in person.

Some other observations made by Michael:

  • 76% of the POLIS locked is locked for 5 years
  • Updates coming to Star Path referral system (will be repositioned)

Product Updates

  • Orderbook improvements have rolled out (your orders are highlighted and can be canceled
  • The DAO team + Portal team have worked together to create a unified wallet connect experience
  • MoonPay + Jupiter will be integrated into the wallet
  • Claim Stake functionality integration into SCORE – Will come in January (will emit R4)
  • DAC Platform (milt-sig wallet, a recruiting platform, promote guild, member management) – are in the backlog and will get higher priority in Q1. Will be aligned along with the main net release of SAGE
  • DAO – Dark theme live; Allows for additional themes as well (future)
  • DAO Treasury View – Soon to come: Next week; Income statement of various revenue streams & balances
  • Q1: Work through all governance functionality: forum for conversation


Big release today: The SAGE Game Manual (Big shout-out to Chip & Mo!)

SAGE is absolutely leading-edge, pioneering, on-chain game design.
– Michael

People will be able to build 3rd party services for the 6 programs that power SAGE on-chain.

The team is now targeting February for the devnet launch. However, it will likely be limited and might not contain all the announced functionality.

Showroom R2

Big release today: R2 will be released on the Epic Game Store right after the Joni Awards wrap-up!

Michael mentioned some of the things we can expect from this release:

  • Character selections & Skin selection
  • Two different Time trial courses
  • Dogfighting arena (PvE)
  • Multiplayer support is there, but still very buggy.
    Good to know: Multiplayer sessions are Peer-2-per hosted experiences (no servers, players are hosting)

The upcoming R2.1 will bring:

  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.1 (allows for larger maps)
  • Adding the train (lobby of sorts). The first arrival in the Showroom will then drop you at the Train station.
  • Group Chat & Proximity Voice Chat
  • A possibility that Ground racing may be added

Major thank you to the community for being with us through the thick and thin [of this year]!
– Michael