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star atlas news council
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Star Atlas Townhall #27 summary

star atlas news council

Immediate feature releases

Galactic Marketplace Relaunch (first release of the year)
– UI design that resembles more of an auction house UI.
– Peer-2-peer trade functionality will be introduced as well!
– Simplifying the whole process & Easy onboarding for new users

Two different, critical SDK’s that are being built atm:
– One is the Unreal Engine integration with crypto-native assets (FTs & NFTs)

Empowering people to build

SCREAM – Extension of CREAM
– Want to ensure that the feature is really fun and engaging
– More focus on gameplay and entertainment value
– Ship specific missions
– Character progression
– Skill points over time
– Farming mining

– multiplayer support = shared environment experience – will probably come after initial release

Two pieces of consumable multimedia content are in production and will be released this year

Star Atlas DAO
– Thinking about how to integrate the other DAO levels
– BlockchainMan – product manager of the squad
– 75 million ATLAS are in the DAO treasury
– Exploring Tribeca DAO network
– Waiting on audits of external contracts (Goki was mentioned)
– They are setting up a new legal entity that will take charge of the DAO. Legal is busy with this
– Staking was worked on last year by 3rd party. They got to see it early this year and decided hat stuff needs to be redone.
– Tribeca aligned more with SA’s goals, compared to INK and Realms.
– The fact that the rolling was coded using Anchor was a huge reason for why the team chose Tribeca.
– The team is building the UI from scratch
– Now testing the wireframes

No target date for the DAO

Other updates:

Character selection will offer two species initially with the initial release of the Showroom mid 2022

Work being done on Space flight sim delivery in UE5 (one of the two supplemental releases mentioned earlier for this year)

Two ships coming on sale next week
– The team wants enough inventory for when the username does x10 later this year

WebGL 3D based browser game
– original vision was OGame / text based UI
– But now looking very promising to get 3D graphics into the web-based game – a lot less fidelity than UE5

Website won award

Notable hire: Jose from the community has been hired as a content writer

Chypto Update:

Michael Lu – Head of Engineering
– built (a large part of) the marketplace and SCORE
– Team considers itself as true pioneers of blockchain gaming, because they develop the actual game logic on the chain (via smart contracts)
– Should lead to better composability because these contracts are open to all
– They are going to create interface on the blockchain to make things like “Loot drop tables” work and character XP progression

How is the team going to make the HRZ feel as if it is occupied. Space is very empty.
– Stylistically SA will look less black, it will be more colorful
– Scaling universe over time, so players have bigger chance of meeting
– Cataclysm in the middle is where a lot of the action will be, players will meet there

Will the gameplay in UE5 game be in any way similar to Star Citizen
– They take inspiration from the flight system. Flying should feel like that later on (first RTS, top-down view).

Alpha leak:

Galactic Asset Offering Brochure #2!
Including land based vehicles 😳