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star atlas news council
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Star Atlas Townhall #25 summary

star atlas news council

DAO – Governance

This has the highest priority!

They discovered an issue with determining vote weight:

  • People tend to stake multiple times
  • People will want to re-stake their POLIS emissions back into the contract
  • Knowing people will stake multiple times, the team anticipated difficulties with accurately measuring vote weight. So they are now implementing changes, which will lead to a modest delay.

Target date: end of February

There is also a team focussed on global polish.
This is a new division, and their effort will be perpetually ongoing.
Primarily: cleaning up tech debt and taking into account user feedback

Kicked off the development of their own market program.
More intuitive user interface, more gamer-centric approach (think in-game auction houses)
Target date: Q2 2022


Major project and subdivided into 3 squads:

  • mining & extraction
  • crafting & materials
  • (new!) space exploration feature (using ships in different ways than just putting them into SCORE)

Target date: July


A lot of the visuals they shared and will be sharing are subject to change!

4 phases (David) – dev process flow

  • discovery: talk about what the project is, what it should be doing
  • exploration: wireframes, prototyping
  • validation: use prototypes and community feedback to help the team understand how we use those features
  • production

Target dates have been removed from the roadmap.
going forward: Inform on the phase the project is in. Before they release any dates, follow the process of the dev-workflow and then share the confirmed date.


150 employees in-house

Product Announcements (Michael)

  • First ship sale on Thursday, February 3rd – A Medium article introducing the ship will be available Tuesday, February 1st.
    • entry-level ship
    • XXS
    • $15
  • 51 models will be released over 2022
    • includes 3 titans
    • release schedule this year is a bit more consistent: every week/two weeks will see a new ship release
  • Foundation SDK – allows other game devs to integrate NFT’s and blockchain programs into their UE5 games
  • Showroom:
    • You will be able to connect your wallet from inside the showroom
    • The ship summoning process is now functional on all landing pads in the showroom
    • Character debug system is live (height)
  • Writers room
    • 4 prominent writers
    • The team will focus this year on setting up a broad multimedia campaign; This is not just related to game-based content, instead, the team has projects ongoing that are outside of this realm. Audio, visuals, and written form projects have been defined.

Question responses

  • You are not allowed to use SA assets in any commercial activities, including sales of NFT’s.
  • DAC registration is awaiting some more discovery before the team decides what to include. Afterward, more information will be shared with the community.
  • Kristian (IA founder) asks Michael for help with reaching out to governments to bring metaverse opportunities to the masses (e.g. education & employment). Michael is supportive of this.