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star atlas news peace treaty
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Star Atlas townhall #22

star atlas news peace treaty

Another week, and another townhall. Below are the most notable points from the latest townhall:

  • SCORE (mini/browser game) on track with target date. Mini-game is expected to be out by 16th December. We are expecting a confirmation of the release mid next week on the roadmap. Only minor tweaks and user interface polish. No negative feedback in audit.
  • Star Atlas DAO (staking and earn Polis) is expected to be released in January 2022. Staking contracts completed. Currently going through the audit process.
  • Collaboration with FTX. FTX pay integration. UI improvements in connect wallet are being rolled out.
  • All holders of Rebirth posters, “as well as many of the NFT assets that we’ve launched are going to get a commemorative Art Basel and Miami art week badge”. Link to claim will be shared in SA Discord announcements channel.
  • 12 new staff hires.

Also the main points from the Q&A session:

  • Auction process for discovered land will only exposed to players that discovered that piece of land.
  • Rewards for SCORE based off total weighted volume average. In future the number of users per faction will be taken into account.
  • More ship releases planned immediately preceding SCORE. All remaining assets from Galactic Offering brochure (9 total ships, excluding Titan class ships) will be out before the end of the year.