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star atlas news peace treaty
star atlas news peace treaty

Star Atlas Townhall #21

We have collected the most interesting points from the latest Star Atlas Townhall for you:

Official news updates from CEO:

  • UI (User Interface) improvements in final phases of development that will add more information and allow more informed purchase decisions.
  • SCORE delayed to December. Currently targeted for Dec 9th to Dec 17th.
  • Showroom initial UE5 (Unreal Engine 5) implementation expected for Q1 2022. Demos being tested internally. “Audio experience is going to be just as immersive and exciting as the graphical and visual elements.”
  • Collaboration with Sperasoft for the last 3 months. Including work on the showroom in UE5. There are 25 people in Sperasoft team alone.
  • Pearce titan ship concept near completion. 8 new ships in production.
  • New alien race named Qunab.
  • Outfit, customisation variants are being produced for all races.
  • Completed all of the initial implementation and mechanics of the Star Atlas DAO (staking mechanics). There will be four separate pools. This will be strictly coupled with the release of the governance platform (submit and vote proposals based on the weight of the player’s POLIS holdings).
  • Final version of the economics underlying SCORE including storage capacity, consumption rates, earnings potential.
  • Targeting 400 – 500 staff at approximately this time next year. Currently around 175 across all departments.


Also the most notable points given in the Q&A session:

  • Support multiple global languages. Can be voted for and approved by the DAO and performed by the community.
  • Combat you can pilot a ship in 1st person or command multiple ships or an entire fleet (RTS style).
  • Some offline considerations were also mentioned. The current plan, is that if player is offline, ships can be stored safely in hangars. However, mining operations will be vulnerable in deep space. So, they will need to be defended by online players if attacked. Mining/farming operations will keep working autonomously.



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