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star atlas news peace treaty
star atlas news peace treaty

Star Atlas Townhall #20

Major points from the latest Star Atlas townhall:

– SCORE (basic ship missions) target release date is still on track for November 18th.

POLIS DAO tier 0 target release date for December 8th.

– 4 Rs (ammunition, food, health, fuel) formula is based on ship size/class and type. Each ship type has efficiency in a specific resource and each resource depletes at a varying rate.

– Operating costs (food, parts, upgrades, etc) flow into the Star Atlas DAO and will eventually end up being yield enhancers for governors

– Different staking pools. From 6 months to 3 years locks. There will be more benefits, the longer POLIS is staked.

– Governance protocols will allow players to earn additional yield, with additional multipliers for players actively participating in governance.

– Items coming up:

  • Item galleries for NFTs coming soon
  • Release of ships stats and specs coming soon
  • Current inventory of ships will be re-balanced between USDC and ATLAS pairs(ship/currency) in a 50/50 ratio. Ability to buy ships using ATLAS.
  • Two new ships are expected to be revealed on November 2nd with same being purchasable 2 days after.

– Atlas earning potential of basic ship missions is per unit of time (hrs, min, secs)

– Master DAO – Potential to alter things like game mechanics, game features, asset release schedules and general economic structures, such as inflation rates

– Master DAO holders will be able to earn POLIS, and have rights to cache lists that flow into the DAO from the operating costs. Stake holders will also have the ability to determine if they want to distribute those out to all stakeholders, burn those tokens to reduce supply, re-invest into the Star Atlas economy.

– Introduction of the guild registration process (set insignia and name your guild). Mint guild tokens/NFTs. “The idea is to have a no-code deployment where you can select from a menu of governance protocols that would then be implemented into your guild DAO structure as well as the ability to make your own guild tokens/NFTs.



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