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Star Atlas to launch Sci-fi Adventure Podcast

On April 20th news broke that ATMTA, Inc., partnered with Audio Up to create a Star Atlas-inspired, 8-episode audio-only series, that will be delivered through a podcast.

Earlier this year, Michael Wagner (CEO — ATMTA, Inc.) shared that the team is working on several media initiatives to deepen the lore and extend the reach of Star Atlas. This is one of those projects.

Not much is known at the time of writing, and the team prefers to not share any more information either, but let’s look into what we do know!

Star Atlas — A Calico Medtech speeding towards a disabled ship

Moon Station Six

First off, the title of the upcoming podcast is Moon Station Six, which is the name of the experimental prison the story takes place inside of. This prison is located somewhere in the far reaches of the Star Atlas universe. The series will feature both characters and lore from the game, which is exciting to hear for those of you yearning to learn more about the culture & history of the various species within the game.

The story itself is about an android bounty hunter who is wrongfully convicted of a murder he did not commit. Not much more is known about the story at this point, as of course, it should be. Its creators however described it as HBO’s Oz meets 2001: A Space Odyssey, which sounds promising!


Now a podcast has nothing to do with NFTs per see, but this one does. As reported in the article:

Moon Station Six will feature an original soundtrack along with NFT drops unlocking special features within the story, original music, and art.

It’s speculation at this time, but it could be that they are planning a Rebirth-like approach, where NFTs — comprised of music and art — will be released that highlight certain aspects of the lore referred to in the story, or even to the story itself.


You will have to wait a little while before being able to give Moon Station Six a listen, as the first episode of the series will be released in Q4 of this year. Pablo Quiroga (CRO—ATMTA, Inc.) did however share that over the coming months they will reveal the Hollywood talent that is portraying the various roles in the story!

Star Atlas — Close up of a Pearce X4

Audio Up

Audio Up is a young company, that launched roughly two years ago in April 2020. Since then they have worked to seamlessly blend the IP of the future with podcasts, audiobooks, and songs. During this time they have attracted top-tier talent across all aspects of the entertainment business. The article specifically highlights platinum hit makers 24kGoldn and Machine Gun Kelly, in addition to television personalities Anthony Anderson, Jason Alexander, and Academy Award-winning producer Michael Sugar.

Audio Up is building an ecosystem of premium entertainment content within the music and audio space. Their fictional scripted podcasts include a Marvel-like universe of musicals, where the records themselves become the story foundation. However, they might be best known for their 8-episode podcast titled Strawberry Spring, the first-ever adaptation of the classic short story by Stephen King. This series, starring Garrett Hedlund and Milo Ventimiglia, was the number one trending podcast globally upon release.



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