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Single sided ATLAS staking in Q1?

star atlas news polis token cryptocurrency

Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner confirmed the plans to enable single-sided POLIS and ATLAS staking in the first quarter of this year: “I would note that single-sided staking for both A/P are coming, and are priorities for the year. Targeting Q1.

Just a note on POLIS voting – one POLIS does not necessarily equate to one vote. There are many frameworks we can implement on voting, and the least likely of which is a pure proportional system. We are still researching optimal implementations, but it’s more likely that we proceed with a delegate system of sorts, that would result in DAC leaders being elected based on both POLIS staked and a reputation system. We would see this number of delegates grow over time, as the userbase expands. Other holders will be able to delegate their POLIS stake to those elected delegates.
However, briefly, to the points made above, we do maintain majority control for a minimum of 3 years, and as such, would be able to veto any ideas we feel would be damaging to game development and sustainability of the economy.”