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Star Atlas Showroom: How To Get Access

In order to be able to download the Volant Studio Showroom, you will need an access key (also named “beta key”, “product code” or “game code”). The Epic Games Store won’t allow you to download the game without this 20-digit number. It can be tricky to find your access keys, however, so this article will guide you through the steps involved to retrieve them!

The Volant Studio Showroom

If you presently have ships enlisted in Faction Fleet (also known as SCORE) for over 7 days, you can retrieve such a key from your player profile on the website.

To access your profile, click on Faction Fleet in the menu and connect your wallet. If you are using a desktop machine with sufficient resolution, make sure the menu is shown in its expanded state by clicking the hamburger/menu symbol in the upper left:

Left: Collapsed menu / Right: Expanded menu

Now that the menu is expanded, at its bottom, you should see the profile picture of your account (if you selected any) above the words Wallet Connected.

If you do, then click on the avatar. If you don’t see one, just click on Wallet Connected and then click outside of the wallet-dialog to close it.

Account Access
Click your avatar to access your account page

Now you should see your account profile page. In the top right there should be a button stating: “Claim Game Codes”:

When you click that button, you will be asked to sign a message, in order to unlock the game key(s). This is not a transaction and won’t cost you any SOL.

Signing the message using Phantom

Now you should see a dialog popping up that contains 1 to 4 keys. You only need one, so feel free to hand the others out to friends and family!

Multiple Access Keys

Depending on the highest tier badge your fleets in Faction Fleet have unlocked, the number of access keys will differ. The longer your ships are staked, the more access keys you will receive.

No Ships Enlisted

If you have no ships enlisted in Faction Fleet, you have two options:

  • Buy a ship (if you do not yet have one) and enlist it, or
  • Go to the community Discord and ask for a code

As many long-time enthusiasts have received more access keys than they have friends (interested/able to play) there is a decent chance someone will share one with you. Over time though it’s likely that these keys will dry up.

Download the game

Now that you have gotten your access key, it’s time to download the game from the store and enjoy your first steps on the other side of this bold new frontier!

Note that you do need a Windows 10 PC to run the Showroom!

Coming Soon

The game’s status will remain Coming soon until you have redeemed one of your access keys. To do so:

  1. Click your avatar (or the button showing the first letter of your name) in the top-right corner of the Epic Games Store.
  2. Click on “Redeem Code” and enter an access key in the following screen.
  3. If all went well, the game should be downloadable for you!


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