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Ship payment with ATLAS is coming

star atlas news atlas token

All assets on the Star Atlas marketplace are sold for USDC at the moment. This will change next week. The Star Atlas team announced that the offering of the next wave of ships will debut a payment option in ATLAS, the in-game currency: “The availability of each new ship’s supply in WAVE 4 will be in a 50/50 ratio of ATLAS and UDSC, half of the quantity set for purchase exclusively with ATLAS and the other half exclusively with USDC, after which they will continue to trade in both markets simultaneously.”

The same feature will roll out to all existing spaceships on the Galactic Marketplace. Each ship will receive the option for trading on both the ATLAS and UDSC markets. For the time being this will not apply to other in-game assets. Finally, unsold factory inventory of ships from previous drops will be split between both markets evenly.