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Setting up multiple Star Atlas wallets

As Aephia Industries has pioneered the multi-faction approach for their corporation – you might find it useful, to follow a similar fashion and have a separate account for ONI, MUD and Ustur.

In this guide, our guild member TomQH will walk you through the process using the Chrome Browser (you can replicate the same steps in the Brave Browser) and the Phantom Wallet.

Why have multiple wallets you might ask. First of all, wallets will be faction-tied. Once you have chosen a faction (like ONI, MUD or Ustur), there is no way back for all the wallet-bound progress of that account. You will be able to move all your assets in that account, but if you would like to change your faction, all the personal ingame progress of that wallet would be gone.

Why having multiple wallets?

1) There may be bonuses tied to each wallet account e.g. there has been talk of free ship licence airdrops for each account holding larger ships early in the game’s roadmap.

2) Skill trees are specific to each wallet. Multiple wallets enable you to focus on deeper down specific skill trees eg refining on one, builder on another.

3) There may be time-based bonuses e.g. OG (original gamer) account NFT airdrops for accounts made prior to a specific date (speculative).

4) Allows you to play multiple accounts concurrently where missions require you to be logged in at the same time within each profile.

5) Having dedicated wallets allows you to independently sell accounts (the actual wallet and linked account) later if this is not made an option directly within the StarAtlas game. Note: this is easier for Hot wallets, as Cold wallet addresses are linked directly to your hardware wallet.

6) Allows each wallet to be separated from each other, protecting you from loss if one of them is compromised.

7) When land sales are available, having a wallet within each faction will give you the option to buy land within each faction’s safe area.

As a minimum, I would recommend to keep your trading wallet separated from your Star Atlas wallet(s) for security. You do not want to compromise your possibly larger trading wallet with regular SA game interactions and for privacy. Setting up multiple wallets at the start gives you options with little downside, you can always just start playing with your assets in one wallet, and decide later whether or not to use the other wallets.

The following five steps will walk you through the whole process for your first account. Just repeat those steps to add a second and third account for every faction. Let’s get started!

1. Create Profile

setting up multiple star atlas wallets with phantom ledger step1

1. In Chrome, click on your profile button in top right of Chrome Browser.
2. Click Add.
3. Choose whether to link an account (I chose not to)
4. Give profile a name e.g. StarAtlas 1
5. Choose a background color to help identify this chrome profile when playing multiple accounts concurrently later.

2. Add Phantom Extension

Add the Phantom extension to this Chrome profile.
1. Go to in the browser with the new profile.
2. Add to Chrome, agree, add to chrome, add extension.

3. Create new wallet on Phantom

1. Create a new wallet.
2. Store away security recovery phrase.
3. Create a new password (you can keep the same as your other Phantom wallets if easier).
4. Pin Phantom for easier access by clicking on the extension.

setting up multiple star atlas wallets with phantom ledger step2

4. Add hardware wallet address to Phantom

This step is optional if you prefer to use a hardware wallet.

setting up multiple star atlas wallets with phantom ledger step3

1. Open Phantom (click on the phantom icon in browser top right) and click on accordion button top left to expand the menu.
2. Click on Add / Connect Wallet.
3. Connect hardware wallet.
4. Unlock your hardware wallet, ensure the Solana app is open, connect.
5. From the wallet address dropdown, choose a new unused SOL address.

5. Rename Wallet

setting up multiple star atlas wallets with phantom ledger step4

For ease of use, we are going to rename the wallet:

1. In Phantom, click on settings bottom right cog icon.
2. Rename Ledger1 to ONI COLD (or MUD or Ustur).
3. Rename Wallet1 to ONI HOT (or Mud or Ustur).

There are combinations of the above you can do (one Chrome Profile, one Phantom main wallet, etc. I’ve done the most to keep everything separate, with the future transfer of ownership in mind)

Transfer your ships/assets between your wallets as necessary!



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