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SCREAM Updates

Star Atlas News Rainbow Arc

There was a surprising amount that came out over the past few days. We have updates to SCREAM, including a WIP first look and information on Resource Extraction (mining).

SCREAM Updates:


We got a first look at the style of gameplay The TEAM is using for SCREAM. The Metaverse Explorer did an in depth analysis of the Roadmap Scan #5. Video Here

The bigger news came through The Foundation Room. A player asked if multiplayer would be possible in SCREAM. Michael Wagner’s (CEO ATMTA) response was “It is pure multiplayer”.

Initial SCREAM will be Safe Zone and Medium Risk Zone (MRZ) exclusively. It was also noted that the videos in the Roadmap Scan #5 were showing mainly the Map Prototype and that the layout/scale would be refined in the next Sprint (Sprints are 3-week cycles in the SA Dev process).


We knew mining would be coming, just not the form it would take. Based on the recent Foundation-Room discussion, here is what we have learned.

Danny: “The first mining ships will be isolated to the Armstrong IMP (Industrial Mining Platform, hint – platform) only but that’s for asteroid mining only.

Danny: ”When the follow up IMP Tap comes, it will be for land-based ship mining and at that point I think some mining modules from AI (Armstrong Industries) might work really well.”

The IMP Tap is already on the GAO Release document, which means it is slated for release by EoY 2022. The two above statements raise a bit of timing question, see my explanation in What I Think.

Danny: “All other mining would be done through mining structures built on land. when the follow up IMP Tap comes it will be for land-based ship mining and at that point I think some mining modules from AI (Armstrong Industries) might work really well.”

This makes sense and is in line with everything previously known. CREAM was land-based mining, which was postponed to delay the need for solutioning the land location mechanics and to prioritize a more engaging gameplay style (SCREAM). IMP Tap sounds like the mid-term solution which will allow us to mine land but may not require you to own it first.

Chypto confirms that “There is planetary resource extraction ‘mining’ in SCREAM” (Chypto, F-R).

Not news, but more of a validation to previous statements. This is most likely in reference to IMP Tap, which isn’t explicitly stated to release with or before SCREAM. We only know that the base IMP is needed for either mechanic discussed.

Future SCREAM:

These mechanics are not planned as part of initial release, but Chypto confirmed they are on The TEAM’s feature upgrade list.

Charms (like Vintage Satellite)- This mechanic is tied to the Ship Configuration and Slotting System.

Crew Gear (GLO)- This capability will be tied to the Crew System release.

Metaverse Meets Metaverse (VoxEdit Contest):

I could explain it, but MVE was so thorough I’ll just recap. If you want the full details, check out his video:

Star Atlas and Sandbox have teamed up for a Galactic-sized challenge that features a top prize valued at ~$50k. Yes, you read that right. Participants have to design a Sandbox avatar using VoxEdit (free) and animate it. The prizes are awesome.

Official Details:

AEP Community Expert Opinion | Dez

The Armstrong IMP will be our first introduction to A.I. (Armstrong Industries). Does this mean there will be another offering that isn’t listed on the GAO sheet? If Tap is to come later, but we need IMP to mine in SCREAM… I could be overthinking it.

IMP Tap could have the ability to mine both asteroids and planets, with later IMP sales being module free as with ships.

More Modules: We know all too well about ship modules, but now it sounds like we will also get to build/upgrade A.I. (Armstrong Industries) mining modules, at some point. At the very least we know there is a base attachment(module) for mining asteroids and a Tap for planet-based mining.

There will be 2 types of Land-Based Mining, Ship/Structure.

Buffs! Crew Gear and Charms could be here by Spring, IMO. Once SCREAM is out these are the next logical step. They add utility and build persistent mechanics.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the Amazing looking Punaab image that leaked!

Disclaimer: None of the content on this page should be taken as financial, legal, or trading advice. This content is a mix of both fact and commentary which is intended solely for your entertainment and education, where applicable. This game is very early-stage development and all information should be considered fluid and potentially stale.