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star atlas news structure mining drill
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Resource management in SCORE

star atlas news structure mining drill

Star Atlas CEO Michael Swagner just confirmed few points about Ship mission & resources management in the mini Game called “SCORE” by the Star Atlas team.

  • Regarding mission duration, there’s no limit of time, it will continue to run as long as there’s enough resources in stock to fuel/power and upkeep the mission loop. You just need to periodically add the resources you used the most to balances your stocks for whole fleet.
  • All ships have a range of efficiencies and deficiencies, leading to different operation costs. Nevertheless, it has minimal impact on earnings potential, as earnings are adjusted to account for those differences. As they develop more sophisticated mechanics, those differences will be more apparent.
  • Ship resources refill will require interaction. The time requirements depend on ship sizes. Larger ships can go longer between restocking.