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POLIS staking before the full DAO release

star atlas news farming

In an interview with the Brazilian Star Atlas Alliance, Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner talked about the short-term goal of the team regarding POLIS staking and earning:

“The other major feature (next to SCORE) we want to release is at least POLIS staking. The full DAO, the full governance structure – that is not going to be ready by December. We’re working hard on it but there is a lot of complexity that goes in not only to the smart contracts but also the framework and the tool-set we’re building for the guilds.”

A week ago, Wagner gave some details about the current status of the DAO:

  • Smart contracts for staking should be completed this week – then they will enter into audit phase
  • Wireframes for front end complete
  • Webdev team is working on general UI implementation
  • High res UI in progress and dev team will implement UI Kit upon completion
  • Governance contracts and no-code deployment framework will take a bit longer – current implementation is as an EVM compatible version on Solana. We are waiting for Rust native. Also pending legal on DAO structure rollover