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star atlas news ledger
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Operating with a ledger

star atlas news ledger

Operating with a ledger, will have its own downsides. In Michael Wagner’s (Star Atlas CEO) words, “We’re probably going to need to put some effort into sorting that out. Because the last thing you want to deal with is confirming a transaction on a hardware device in the heat of a battle. But we will factor that into the development of the on-chain logic”.

So, keep in mind, and make sure to check current status if you intend on using a ledger with the game. That said, it is still highly encouraged to keep your assets on a hardware device for security purposes.

[Update November 1st]

Star Atlas CEO, Michael Wagner, confirmed that “Ledger will function properly for ship enlistment. They just don’t current support the signMessage function, which means you can’t update your profile image or badge.”