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Official roadmap published

star atlas news robot

The Star Atlas team released their planned roadmap as a living document this morning. You can find the online version here. While this roadmap goes far into the future, we will have a look at the upcoming 30 days which contains two major pillars of the game:

The mini game aka SCORE

In our Discord community jokingly referred to as “ship staking” – this is the first step into the mini game with ship missions. The Star Atlas team calls this first iteration “SCORE” – which stands for “Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions”. The roadmap tells us that players will be able to “enlist ships you own to your faction’s fleet. Keep your ships supplied with fuel, food, ammo and toolkits to earn faction rewards.”

The targeted release date for Score is the 18th of November 2021, but this date has yet to be confirmed.


People who bought the Polis token are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Star Atlas DAO. The roadmap also contains some information about staking those tokens:

“Provide users with the ability to participate in Star Atlas governance via the DAO. Initial feature set will enable user staking to a variety of contracts, both short term and long term, and earn yield along a yield curve based on maturity of stake. Additionally, users should be empowered to submit proposals and exercise voting rights on public proposals.”

The targeted release date for the DAO is the 8th of December 2021, but this date has yet to be confirmed.