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No Commander class ships before SCORE

star atlas news pearce c11 commander ship

Until now, the Star Atlas community had expected the sale of a Commander class ship before the launch of the mini game. After all, CEO Michael Wagner had indicated that the sale would probably take place “slightly before” SCORE. The Galactic Asset Offering brochure lists the Pearce C11 (Legendary Fighter) and the Fimbul ECOS Treearrow (Anomaly Bomber) as candidates.

However, well-funded players who would be willing to put down a sum of $80,000 to $100,000 dollars for such a ship will have to wait a little longer. Wagner announced that a sale of one of the ships before the start of SCORE is not foreseen in the drop schedule. “However, at least one will be released in close approximation of feature release, unless we structurally change our release schedule.”