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SCORE delayed until December

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In yesterday’s Town Hall of Star Atlas team CEO Michael Wagner announced a delay regarding the launch date of the mini game. Originally, the official roadmap indicated November 18 as the target date, but this date has now been pushed back to December 9.

However, this is still a target date and has not been confirmed. Wagner announced that the release date could be between Dec. 9 and Dec. 17.

“We have ramped up our PM [project managers] roles, and expect to be better able to coordinate across departments, which should result in better projections.” After all, the Star Atlas community has been waiting for the launch of the mini game since July and had to endure delays several times.

At the same time, Wagner also addressed the difficulties and delays in having the planned modules subjected to an appropriate safety assessment by a third party. “Contract auditing firms for rust contracts are also quite backlogged, and it has proven difficult getting in their pipeline. Particularly the auditing firms that are preferred.”

Santiacc, Marketing and Community Coordinator, also posted an update with the new targeted release date for the mini game. The entry explains that the delays are due to the fact that the “extra time we’re taking will ensure we meet the high-quality standard that our shared vision deserves”. It also offers a teaser screenshot of the expected returns for the SCORE tier 0 ship missions.