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Branded hardware
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Looking for a Star Atlas branded PC?

Branded hardware

During the #426Live event today, the team announced that they partnered with iBUYPOWER to allow them to produce and sell a set of (limited edition) hardware!

Announcement flyer

The hardware in question is a Star Atlas-branded game PC, a branded headset and Deskpad featuring Star Atlas art!

The Specs

Let’s get into the specs right away!

The PC:

  • HYTE Y60 Star Atlas Ultimate Edition Branded Case
  • 12th Gen Intel i9 12900K/KF
  • NVIDIA RTX3080+ or higher
  • 16GB Ram (unless Star Atlas recommends 32GB)
  • Z690 Motherboard
  • 1TB Hard Drive
  • Liquid Cooled AIO with customized Star Atlas Animation

Cool thing to note: the on/off switch is styled as the Star Atlas logo (will light up blue when on).

The headset:

  • HYTE eclipse HG10 Star Atlas Edition Wireless Headset

The Deskpad:

  • HYTE DP900 Star Atlas Edition Deskpad

All hardware specs may change or be updated to the leading and latest generation hardware around Q4 2022

The custom PC and headset

The Procedure

Now, in order to pull this off, there will need to be enough people who express their interest in this. For that purpose, an “Interest Registration” form was published today, where you can share your details.

If enough people are interested, then pre-orders will open up in North America first. Two weeks after that, pre-orders will open up all over the world, in areas where sufficient interest has been expressed.

Once the minimum amount of pre-orders has been received, the team will advance to production. iBUYPOWER expects it could take 10–12 weeks to fulfill all orders, as there are still supply shortages of PC components.

The headset

Limited Edition

The PC will be a numbered, limited edition item that will never be recreated again. Once pre-orders open up, the items will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. The iBUYPOWER team will make sure allocations are spread out over the world, so North Americans won’t be able to buy up the total supply.