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How to get started with Aephia

You just signed up for Aephia Industries and are unsure what to do next? Our Beginner’s Guide will help you get started! Great choice by the way. You don’t want to be alone out there in the metaverse! The first step on your journey with Aephia is to join our Discord server. It is the heart of our community and all Aephia activities currently take place there.

If you haven’t joined Aephia just yet, no worries! We have made a handy guide so you can easily remedy this! Want to check things out first instead? Sure thing, just join our Discord, have a look around in our public channels, and make sure to say hello in our #public chat channel! Once you realize you do actually want to make Aephia your Star Atlas guild, please consider applying for full membership.

This guide is for all of our new members who are asking themselves the question: Where do I go from here? Below are a few things you can do to start your journey with us!

Our main Discord roles and channels

star atlas ship fimbul ecos greenader 02

After your application has been accepted and you have been assigned the role of an “Aephian”, you will have access to more channels on our Discord server. Let’s take a quick look at the most important ones together:

:spacebadge: Welcome This is our public area that is open to all. It contains important information in our #about and #faq channels, as well as containing our #welcome-read-this channel that contains our application procedure.

:spacebadge: Atlassians This is our public area. After accepting our rules this is, this is where Atlassians gather to either inquire about our corporation, discuss partnerships, or simply chat about Star Atlas in #public chat.

:spacebadge: Aephia Meeting Spaces This is the communal space for all Aephians. Here is our famous #cantina but also many break-out channels where more specific things can be discussed.

:spacebadge: Aephia Intel This is where non-chatting channels reside. Both our #aephia-tweets and #announcements are here, but this is also the location where you can share Star Atlas related #news-only or take part in our #polls, among several other things.

Roles on our server and in our guild

star atlas ship pearce r8 01

After this brief overview of the main channels, let’s take a look at the roles we currently have. At the moment, our hierarchy is purposely very flat. We anticipate adding quite a few additional roles once we are able to set foot inside the Star Atlas metaverse and flesh out our construction pipeline. That said, as our community is ever-expanding, some roles have been added over time to accommodate this growth, and a few more to acknowledge the great effort some of our members have put into our community.

At the top is currently the Management team – currently consisting of the founders of the guild. The management is supported by the Board. Furthermore, we have appointed four knowledgeable & active individuals to serve the community as Community Experts. Last, but not least, there are the Content Creators who are creatively active for our guild (mostly in the form of videos and graphics) and the Technical Analysts who discuss everything about crypto in our Token Discussion channel.

We are very excited when talented and experienced people join our ranks. However, we do not appoint newcomers to senior roles. Promotions will be based on activities we see and help provided to our members. As mentioned earlier, our current structure is very flat, but we’ll add roles and promote people into those roles in lockstep with the releases of relevant game modules.

We are looking forward to further developing Aephia as a guild and organization together with you in the future – especially with regard to the DAO that is to be founded and we will keep you informed about all developments and activities in this regard.

How can I best help the guild?

star atlas ship calico compakt hero 02

Aephia Industries has set itself the goal of becoming the largest shipbuilder in the Metaverse. And you are surely asking yourself – how can I serve this goal?

What can I currently do to support the guild? And what assets or ships should I buy for these goals?
– you (potentially, maybe we’re wrong..)

Since it will take quite some time to really give answers to these questions – after all, no one really knows much about the exact gameplay yet – it remains for us to speculate about it together and to prepare ourselves in the best possible way. As Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner said: “The game has long since begun” – speculation and preparation are a big part of it.

First of all, we would like to emphasize that you should always contribute what you personally like best. We are here to have fun together. So if you feel like becoming a miner – great! Or if you instead it’s your ambition to become a renowned explorer – also great! We will always find a place for you that suits your preferences. There is one exception, however, there’s no place for pirates in our corporation of course!

If you want to contribute to our success, it’s always a good idea to find out about the game itself. Star Atlas has published a whitepaper and an economic whitepaper – and we encourage our new members to take a look!

Which faction should I join?

star atlas which faction to join

Aephia Industries will exist in all three factions. You, as a player, will have complete freedom to decide which faction you want to participate in. Or in other words: No matter what faction you register with, you’ll have a place with us! This will enable Aephia to have full access to all (mineral) resources that exist in the universe. This, combined with our aim to fully own and control our full supply chain, will make us truly independent of other entities, ensuring our business can operate effectively no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

For more information about factions, we have published a guide on picking a Star Atlas faction.

Which ships should I buy?

star atlas ship pearce x5 03

One of the most popular questions from our new guild members and newcomers to Star Atlas. The very short answer to this is: Currently, it doesn’t matter too much which ship(s) you own. You should just make sure that you ideally buy a ship at a good price! Our Star Atlas Ship Prices page should be a great help.

And if you wonder whether we, as a peaceful ship manufacturer, have any use at all for a fighter pilot and corresponding offensive ships – rest assured that we place the greatest value on the safety of our assets! Our members have already established a considerable war fleet themselves.

Also – here is a complete overview of all known ship manufacturers of the Star Atlas metaverse:

Anything else to buy? Structures? Collectibles?

star atlas collectibles vintage orbiting satelitte

We currently advise all our members not to buy any structures such as Claim Stakes, Mining Drills, Space Stations, or Power Plants. These NFTs are already deactivated on the Star Atlas marketplace, but can still be traded on DEXLAB or Raydium for example – probably at completely exorbitant prices!

All structures currently on the market are from the Rebirth campaign – a marketing campaign of Star Atlas from late summer 2021. Accordingly, this is the secondary market. We assume that the Star Atlas team will offer all these structures in sufficient quantity and at a fraction of the currently traded prices.

When it comes to collectibles we would at least like to point out that at the beginning of the mini game SCORE these will not have any influence -and as a result- will not generate any revenue. It may take quite a while before this changes, so a purchase of these is speculative. You can find an overview of all currently traded collectibles and corresponding prices on our Star Atlas Collectible Prices page.

We also wanted to note that the PRIMORDIAL GLO, a legendary crew equipment item, is owned by a lot of AEP members and therefore became kind of a meme inside our discord.

What about badges though, and posters?

During Q2 2021 the Star Atlas team kicked things off properly with their Rebirth-campaign. This campaign lasted 14 weeks, and every week a more expensive poster was sold (prices doubled with each poster). If you managed to collect a certain range of posters (always starting with the first) you would be airdropped a whole bunch of nice things for use in the metaverse, Among these were ships, mining equipment, skins and… badges.

These badges (and the posters to a lesser extent) are so-called open-ended treasure chests. This means there are some as-of-yet unknown perks associated with them. It’s completely up to the team to decide when these perks get activated again, and as such it is a very speculative asset. It’s important to note that these posters and badges already played a large role in the (very lucrative) IDO. This, and the fact that the value of the non-exclusive airdropped rewards basically doubles (compared to the team’s original estimate) made Michael state that they did not expect any more rewards for the remainder of 2021.

Most important takeaway (also TLDR): You don’t need them! Research the Rebirth event carefully if you consider purchasing them.

Want some lore about Aephia Industries?

You want to learn some more about the origins of our guild? Immerse yourself:


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