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Getting Started With Star Atlas

New to Star Atlas, NFT Wallets, or just need to make sure you haven’t missed anything important? Then this guide from our Aephia member DezTX is for you. In this guide we take you through Wallet Selection and Security Basics, Account Creation, First Purchase, and getting those ships into the fight (SCORE). All with included links and resources to make the journey easier. It’s a big Universe, but our guide will help you navigate.


Wallet Security
Wallet Setup and First Use
Picking a Faction
Enlisting and Re-Supplying Ships (SCORE Tier 0)

PLEASE Inform yourself extensively before installing wallets or purchasing assets. This is by no means a 100% complete guide and should be supplemented with your own research. None of what is stated should be interpreted as financial advice.

Wallet Security


Before installing any wallet, you have to make a few decisions. Among them:

– How many wallets will you need?

If you plan to have multiple profiles you will want to make it easy on yourself to keep up with which you are in. Aephia’s Multiple wallet guide (Linked below) covers how to use Google Chrome profiles to easily do this.

– How important is Security to you, vs. Convenience?

Phantom wallet is very easy to use and fast to set up, but it comes at a reduced safety. More on that below.

– Where do you plan to access Star Atlas?

Different wallets work for different devices. Make sure you verify that the wallet you chose will work where you want it to. Browser and Phone are two big considerations to look into.

Ledger Hardware Wallet (Recommended)

Is quickly becoming the gold standard within the community as the best way to protect your Galactic Assets. Ledger is a Cold Wallet, meaning that your PRIVATE KEY is NOT connected to the internet. It is stored on a Physical device that has to be connected to your device and that you have to physically click a button to complete a transaction. This Real World click adds a lot of security against digital threats.

The absolute most secure method it to use the Ledger with the Phantom wallet. We have a guide linked below.

The biggest downside to a Cold Wallet is the additional cost. Ledger is a premium option and at $79 – $149. (Nano S doesn’t support SOL, so pricing is for Nano S+ and Nano X)
If you already have a Ledger, setup linked below.

Phantom Wallet

Our stressing of Ledger as the Recommended option is not to say that Phantom is unsafe, but it puts a lot more of the responsibility on you. Phantom wallets are extremely easy to set up and use. They are built into browser so very fast to open and complete transactions. You can view the Un-Staked assets and Currency balances from within the wallet.

Phantom wallets are more vulnerable to viruses/hacking and social engineering exploit. With a Phantom only option you need to be extra careful to never connect to sites that you are unfamiliar with, to check all URL’s of websites to make sure it isn’t a Spoof, and Protect your Password/Secret Key really well.

Wallet Setup and first use

We have linked the two most common setups among community members. These offer far less security than a COLD WALLET. If you are not familiar with those terms, please read the below Security Resources links.

Regardless of which you use you’ll want to end up on the AEPHIA Phantom site for all of the steps after your Wallet Setup. You’ll also want to bookmark a tool to view ship prices like THIS ONE. Once you own ships and have them working, you are going to want a cool way to track your Ship Resource needs, like THIS.

Setup Links:

Ledger Setup with Phantom (Most Secure)
AEPHIA Phantom Setup, Funding, Buying Your First Ship and Settling Transactions

Now that you’ve got your wallet set up, you can purchase assets and play SCORE.

Picking a Faction

Picking a faction is a 1-time choice locked to Wallet Address so choose wisely, or you’ll need to create a new account to switch. The game will eventually benefit long term wallet use. You will need to select a Faction before you can enlist ships in SCORE.
See this guide by AEPHIA:

Factions: How to Choose?

Faction Fleet / SCORE

This is just the first version of the game. The Team will release modules over time that will eventually build the full game. This will allow us to learn and grow with the game and learn each mechanic as it is released. Below is the AEPHIA guide to Faction Fleet. For a glimpse into the future, refer to The Roadmap linked below in Additional Resources.

This guide covers buying ships. It is highly recommended that you understand the Faction Aligned Companies mechanic (linked below) when buying ships. You will also want to pay special attention to both VWAP and APR of the ships as they directly relate to your ROI (Return on Assets).

Star Atlas – Faction Fleet / SCORE Guide

Additional Resources


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Star Atlas Career Guide

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