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Faction Passport Update

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The Faction Passports NFT’s (supply of 12,698) were part of the Tier 0 rewards for (Rebirth / Armstrong) meta-poster holders. Soon after their distribution, however, they were exiled from the Galactic Marketplace together with the Captain’s License and the Pilot’s License. Today we learned something about their future role in Star Atlas! These passports will allow players of a certain major faction (ONI, MUD, Ustur) to accumulate loyalty and unlock blueprints with ship manufacturers residing in any of the other major factions.

Danny Floyd, CPO of Star Atlas, clarified further that Faction passports aren’t going to be tradable. Instead, they’ll become account-bound. The Faction Passport NFT’s that were originally distributed will either be (somehow) made account-bound, or they will be converted into “something else equally interesting like we did with the captain/pilot license.”

Since the Faction Passports were disabled on the Star Atlas Marketplace, they can only be traded on external marketplaces like for example at Dexlab.