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Details about POLIS and governance

star atlas news polis token cryptocurrency

With the launch of POLIS staking and the DAO around the corner, Michael Wagner, Star Atlas CEO, talked about the current plans of the team:

– Top-level DAO will likely permit user vote with their maximum weight on any proposals – voting weight is going to be impacted by active participation, and duration of stake, in addition to total quantity of tokens locked

– We will define a mechanism to isolate voting weight for global real-world policy (top-level DAO) vs. in-game policy (faction/regional) – voting on the global policy should not negatively impact gameplay vote weight

– Voting weight for in-game policy will need to be divided across the hierarchy, with you voting on those issues you feel are most impactful to yourself, your DAC, faction, or otherwise.

– Staking duration requirements will be in effect, and will impact voting weight. Once locked, POLIS cannot be removed until maturity selected.

– Mechanically, a user will only be able to vote on Faction level issues if they are a member of that faction. Now, it is theoretically possible for someone to ‘loan’ POLIS to a character in another faction to impact the outcome of proposals. This would be a future problem for us to solve. However, an immediate thought would be again to offset voting weight based on a variety of factors, including past participation, current character progression, etc. And we can also restrict voting rights to characters of a particular level. We have a lot of optionality, when we get to that point. Also keeping in mind that those loaned tokens would be locked for the duration of the contract, mitigating some of the potential for wild swings in POLIS toward any particular proposal.”