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Control of a solar system

star atlas news planet 01

When it comes to the subject of government and political control over space in Star Atlas, we know that there will basically be a tripartite system. Towering above it all is the Star Atlas DAO itself. It decides about:

• Monetary policy
• Treasury management
• Gamewide decisions

Under the Star Atlas DAO are the three Faction DAOs of the MUD, ONI and Ustur. These control:

• Factionwide tax policies
• Faction warfare coordination
• Access to endgame content
• Development targets

Finally, at the lowest level, we find the individual Regional DAOs within the three factions. These control:

• Local taxation incentives
• Local monetary incentives
• Planetary restrictions

Looking at the Economics Whitepaper the universe of Star Atlas consists of regions, solar systems, and planets, and a basic land parcel represents partial ownership of a planet’s territory. We already know that the Regional DAOs in Star Atlas will control an entire solar system. Additionally, today we learned a little more about the ownership of these solar systems:

“You’ll need to own 51% of the claims in a system to be able to claim the full system as yours. There can still be neighboring claims in that system that you don’t own however”, so Danny Floyd, CPO of Star Atlas.