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ATLAS price for ships will be “repriced periodically”

star atlas news vzus ambwe 02

With the upcoming 4th wave of the Galactic Asset Offering on Tuesday, the Star Atlas marketplace will see pairings with the in-game currency ATLAS for the very first time. Half of the offered supply will be set for purchase exclusively with ATLAS.

But when exactly will the value for each ship in ATLAS be set? “Immediately before listing”, confirmed Star Atlas CEO, Michael Wagner. Since the price of ATLAS will be fluctuating, the team plans to react to that: “We will reprice assets periodically. Probably weekly. Based on the current USDC/ATLAS exchange rate.”

It is also worth noting, that not only the new ships (like the Pearce R8 or the long-awaited bounty hunter VZUS ambwe) can be purchased with ATLAS,  the same feature will roll out to all existing spaceships on the Galactic Marketplace: “Each ship will receive the option for trading on both the ATLAS and UDSC markets. For the time being, this will not apply to other in-game assets. Finally, unsold factory inventory of ships from previous drops will be split between both markets evenly.”