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star atlas trinket cosmic thunder
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Airdrop – FTX Miami Attendance Trinket

star atlas trinket cosmic thunder

In early May, The Star Atlas Team was at FTX Off Miami Beach Race Weekend. The community wanted to participate virtually; we are a metaverse community after all. The Team heard the community and promised surprises. They held live sign up’s for an unknown NFT and a T-Shirt.

They delivered on one of those and I for one am happy.

The SA Team didn’t just drop an attendance token. They dropped us an NFT that appears to have in-game use, although I estimate not until a phase very far away.


I don’t think anyone thought that there would be utility for the Airdrop. This is a very cool and interesting drop, I even had to google a word or two while reading.

“This geospatial artifact attunes its owner to the precise space-time continuum of the FTX Off The Grid Miami Beach event in Florida, Planet Earth, in the historic year of 2022. Regardless of how deep on the galactic frontier you may be, this thundering commemorative piece will transform your quarters into a bustling velodrome.”

My interpretation of this trinket follows:

I’m not sure how many ships will be large enough to have Quarters, so this makes me think it will be a perk for Space Station owners. It sounds like this will either be a hologram or an actual overlay that your Avatar would be able to use.

This could result in a very cool Crew Buff later on, maybe so they can take a jog between missions (increased stamina?).

Rarity: EPIC

Only 347 Supply! I personally was very surprised to see that so few people got them, especially because of how active the chats were during this time. In just the short time since the drop, there has already been a small amount of consolidation.

token cosmic thunder star atlas



“Trinkets get slotted in plinths and other stands where charms are slotted on crew.”(Bunthius) This detail also leads me to believe that you will need to be located on a Space Station or your Quarters inside of a mining complex planet-side in order to use it.

Daniel (Danny) Floyd (bunthius#3932)
Chief Product Officer

Disclaimer: All content in this post is personal opinion. Nothing contained in this post is intended as financial advice. Do your own research. As always, Never Give Out Your Private Key.