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After Party Alpha II

star atlas news council

After the Tow Hall was an after party where Chypto, Star Atlas team member, dropped quite a bit more alpha:

Grand Strategy first

Chypto confirmed once more that the UE5 game will start out as more of an RTS (Grand Strategy) and that jumping in ships to take first-person control will come later down the line. He used examples of first getting something like Stellaris (but with better graphics) and then later on something more akin to Star Citizen.

For the sake of completion: In the past the web mini-game has been compared by the devs to OGame.

Loyalty restrictions

Building loyalty with one minor faction will allow you to not be attacked by them. Aligning with Jorvik will probably prohibit you from aligning with the ECOS (as in: You have to choose to which mini-faction you want to be loyal – if at all) Gaining loyalty with the banished factions (Jorvik & ECOS) also might influence your relation with COP. You can become a true outlaw. Meaning guards will attack you on sight.