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After Party 27 – Recap

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Safe Zones
Baby aliens! The team is looking to make sure baby aliens and daycares will be visible in-game because they should be.

Frictionless entry to other Safe Zones, unless you have a criminal record.
It will be extremely difficult for you to enter Safe Zone, and bounties can still be collected even when inside the Safe Zone

A security zone is a bastion of defense.

Player crew
Reiteration that player crew will be better than NPC crew. There will be buffs associated with players taking up crew roles.

Polis DAO
Design mapped out, UI Wireframes are done. The interface design has been broken down by governance, staking, and their interaction. Coding is being worked on. It’s been in active development for a few weeks now, it’s no longer in Discovery. Internal delivery target is in sight.

First-person walking on land
Space-based gameplay loops are prioritized. Afterward, the focus will shift to more land-based gameplay. Walking on planets won’t really come for a while.

Web-based game
Moving over to WebGL from now on. They are committing to 3D gameplay for their next gameplay release. They are optimizing it for low spec machines and hopefully mobile phones.

Procedural content
No commitment yet, but the team is contemplating procedurally generating the zones outside of the boundaries of the CoP map. procedurally generated deep space gameplay loops. it’s randomized. It’s pretty uncertain if you’re going to survive out there. But you might find some cool stuff down there.

Next gameplay release
The team could have released an update to SCORE fast, but SCORE is not the direction the team wants to go in. It’s gamified staking, not gameplay.

The team took a step back, and let’s actually deliver something that people will be like “this is fun, this is meaningful progression, this is repeatable”.
That is what the team wants the next gameplay release to be. It’s something they expect the community to be glad they waited for it.

Transport career
Transport is an actual career – “Ubering people around.” Fimbul Lowbie is a space taxi.

Bounty system
Medium risk zone. It’s not in the high-risk zone, as that is free for all.
Bounty system – CoP assigning a bounty, want you to bring them in. They have no control in the high-risk zone.

Your bounty persists when you go into the high-risk zone. But you won’t have the CoP impound or capture anybody over there.

As a player, you can capture players with bounties in the HRZ. You would have to immobilize them and/or capture them (or destroy them) to get the bounty.

Ship Configuration Resource Extraction And (Ship) Missions
Focus on ship utility and ship missions.
Loading out your ships with components and modules.

Only then will they focus on land & crafting.

Mining ships
Mining ships are going to mine asteroids and gas giants and “produce” resources for now until land gameplay comes online at a later date

Armstrong IMP
Armstrong manufacturer is faction agnostic

The team wants to allow players (if they all consent) to duel with other players. You can stake assets to bet on the outcome of the duel (ATLAS or POLIS probably).

It can be racing, combat, and other things.
Also an option: team death-match

Will happen in the Security Zone.