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Aephia 1 Year Anniversary 1
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Aephia turns ONE!

Aephia 1 Year Anniversary 1

A little over a year ago two Star Atlas enthusiasts, Prometheus & Funcracker, both from different continents in the physical world, started talking about the project’s ambitions, its development and the many possibilities it would come to offer. In particular, they discussed the concept of guilds in this space and how these had the chance to supersede those usually found in traditional (non-blockchain) MMOs.

On this day, 365 days ago, we announced the launch of Aephia Industries, a new Star Atlas guild, and opened the doors of our Discord home.

What a year it has been!

From the get-go, people started to pour into our server by the dozens. Some would only join briefly because they were merely curious, but by far most of these early enthusiasts would decide to stay and by far most of them are still with us today!

We have done many things together as a community, the highlights of which you can read about in Funcracker’s “2021 in review” article and of course our recent COPA pitch deck and presentation.

Some things that are not mentioned there, but that we are very proud of, are:

  • We hosted a story-writing competition to find our true origin story. Theodor won, and our official history has since been published on our website (also in audio form).
  • We made a kick-ass trailer, highlighting some of the aspects of why we are a smart choice for anybody looking for Star Atlas guild (and see our COPA presentation for more)!

And there is plenty more on the horizon 🙂

Shoulders of Giants

Of course, we would not be here without the enthusiasm and help of many wonderful people in our midst! We won’t list them all here, at the risk of forgetting someone, but two people stand out for us:

  • Sensei Yamura — for putting countless hours into our website, COPA presentation, producing whatever graphics we need, and joining Aephia’s management!
  • Metaverse Explorer — for helping put Aephia on the map, publishing new Star Atlas stories in rapid succession and being plain awesome!

Furthermore, we would be remiss to forget about our wonderful Community Experts (StoicMOB, Valkynen, Ford P., TomQH, Sandbroski & Dez) to whom we are eternally grateful! They have helped us educate our members on both the game & the blockchain and spent many hours approving application forms.

There are of course many more talented individuals who have helped us out during the past year, some of whom are still helping us out on a regular basis! You all know who you are and know that we appreciate you very much!

Busan organized a big show to celebrate our birthday. Much appreciated!

Sharing Knowledge

In the spirit of our continued mission to educate the Star Atlas community, we have decided to turn the dial to 11 and kick off a week-long event, sharing knowledge with all of you! It’ll be like a… Knowledge Sharing Week! It’s our birthday, and this is our gift to you!

With the #StarAtlasSummer kicking off and hopefully, many new people learning about this ambitious project, it seems like a perfect time to bring our guides up to date and launch some that are missing.

So, expect some info drops over the coming days! What will those look like? We’ll keep most of that a surprise for now, but we’ll make sure to update this schedule daily:

Aephia Anniversary Schedule 1
Aephia – Knowledge Sharing Week – Schedule
*) The team was willing to postpone their 426Live event by about 4–6 weeks, so it would coincide with our celebrations. Major thanks to the team for caring & for being so considerate! ❤️ (p.s. kidding)

Aephia Station

[at the end of the metaverse]

One week after launching Aephia, we hosted the very first live talk show, where we would discuss the latest information and interview members of the team. For the inaugural episode, on July 25th, we organized the first-ever interview with the Community Manager everyone loves: Santi!

Flyer for the first Aephia Station episode, taking place on July 25th, 2021

However, as we soon found out, setting up a brand new guild and hosting these shows did not work out well in our schedules. That is why — after only two episodes — Aephia Station was put on hold, as we re-focussed on growing Aephia and setting up different ways to share knowledge with the Star Atlas community (like launching the community wiki).

However, to celebrate our birthday, we are bringing Aephia Station back for an additional 2 episodes! And what better way to do this, than by checking up on Santi, to see how things evolved over the past year? Or perhaps you are more interested to join our live AMA with Michael Wagner?

Founders Interview

As you can see in our #KnowledgeSharingWeek schedule, to kick things off we have a brand new interview with Aephia’s founders, by the top Star Atlas influencer, MetaverseExplorer!

You can enjoy it right here:

This is just the Beginning

You are all early! Our mission has only just begun, and we have quite exciting things planned for Aephia Industries over the next few years. While we are patiently waiting for the team to build the game we all dream about, there is plenty of work to do to grow the community and solidify our own foundations. We are looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you all!