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aephia partners with quimera star atlas news
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Aephia partners with Quimera

aephia partners with quimera star atlas news

The vast emptiness of space…

… is rife with opportunity and dangers. You don’t want to be alone out there. That is why so many brave Star Atlas pioneers have decided to team up and explore this big black void together. Over time, strangers turned into friends. And every so often, friends turn into partners.

Today we are proud to announce the official partnership between two of the most prominent guilds in the Star Atlas space: QUIMERA, winner of the Joni award for the best large guild, and AEPHIA INDUSTRIES, itself awarded 4 Joni titles.

It’s been nearly two years since the world was introduced to Star Atlas. Since its inception, together, we’ve watched it take its first steps and grow. It’s been a journey full of ups and downs, but we are glad to have been a part of it! We’ve experienced joy and pride when new milestones were achieved, but we have also endured the worry and sleepless nights that come with raising a child.

During that time, some members have left or grown dormant. Yet, Star Atlas still has a great, dedicated, and supportive community behind it! And this journey has only just begun! While the team is working towards its vision, we will be here, celebrating its accomplishments with the team and eagerly looking forward to all that is yet to come!

Star Atlas is a great source of inspiration! Every day we see people sharing their dreams, discussing new ideas, and creating new friendships. New communities are being born, gathering like-minded people, and growing around a mutual vision for the future. And every so often, some visionaries decide to become travel companions, bonding their communities in the process.

During a fruitful real-life meeting at Quimeracon, and several virtual meetings that followed with the leadership of both guilds, we discovered that our philosophy overlaps and that we share many of the same values. The drive to help grow, build, and further develop the ecosystem lies at the core of both Quimera and Aephia. We both share a strong passion for Star Atlas, which is the singular focus of our guilds.

In short: our love for Star Atlas has been pulling us together, culminating in today’s announcement.

Keeping each guild’s distinct profile and independence intact while agreeing to grow together within Star Atlas was a purposeful decision.
This partnership isn’t founded by the will of hegemonic power or control but as a means to offer the best possible experience to our members.

We will approach any challenges we encounter as we did before: By planning ahead, working hard, and building through the static generated by uncertainty. A large part of this perspective and work ethic has always been finding others who share our goals. Today we celebrate the fact that we did find each other! Aephia and Quimera. Friends and now partners!


About Aephia
Aephia Industries is the #1 ship manufacturing guild in the Star Atlas Metaverse, with branches in all three factions. Building spaceships is a job for many hands and minds in the growing metaverse economy. Our network of motivated members and OG experts will explore the hazardous metaverse with you, researching strategies to optimize profit and build, own and earn together.

About Quimera
The largest hispanic guild in Star Atlas with members that span across all factions. Our goal is to build a nation in the metaverse united under common values where each will have a role to play. Our dedicated team of gamers is ready to push the boundaries of Galia and carry the banner of Quimera to every sector and every avenue of the game.