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aephia tier 2 habitats star atlas
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Aephia acquires habs in all three Central Space Stations

aephia tier 2 habitats star atlas

When Elenzul, the Director of Habitation for the Council of Peace (CoP), unveiled the Cosmic Overture program in the Great Hall of the Council of Peace Assembly, we immediately went to work. If safeguarding the delicate balance of peace in the galaxy is not worth stepping up as a company, then what is? At Aephia Industries, we went over our options, polled our members, and started collecting the funds required to execute our plans.

To help the CoP and simultaneously offer something unique to our members, we decided to acquire a piece of real estate on all three Central Space Stations. Though each is owned by a small group of Aephians (via a sub-DAO), once these Tier 2 habs are constructed, their doors will open to all of our members!

We want to thank our members who have contributed to this initiative financially! We would not have been able to pull this off without the wonderful support from our community.

ONI T2 Hab
ONI T2 Hab

This was no small feat, given the market conditions and the lack of a clear return on this investment. But despite this, our community came together and made this happen. All of Aephia -current members and future ones- will have you to thank for these beautiful social meeting places.