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Star Atlas Collectibles

All Star Atlas collectibles at glance! We help you find the best deals on the Star Atlas marketplace with this table, showing all available posters, crew gear, charms, skins and emotes.

This table contains further details of all the available non-ship-items from the Star Atlas marketplace: price (average of best bid and best ask), supply, class, category or rarity.

The rarity of a collectible in Star Atlas ranges from common to uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and finally anomaly.

This table is intended for use in combination with the Star Atlas Ships page in order to make informed purchasing decisions and fulfill your potential in the metaverse.

Star Atlas collectibles in SCORE

While we know that ships will earn yearly rewards based on their VWAP, collectibles won’t in the first stage (called Tier 0) of the Star Atlas mini game – called Score (Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions).

Only with the launch of Tier 1 will players be able to configure their ship with full component, crew and module builds. At this stage charms, crew gear and NPCs will have an impact.

The price of the items listed is displayed as the mean between the best bid price and the best ask price. We do not guarantee, that you are able to acquire the listed items for the listed price, or even at all, for that matter. Naturally, we hope you can use the information we provide to your benefit. Please keep in mind, that this table does not provide financial advice.

Let’s talk about collectibles!

Should you want the input of Star Atlas veterans and discuss what Star Atlas collectibles might be worth purchasing, consider joining Aephia Industries and build, own and earn side by side with us.