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What is the VWAP?

Your earnings in the first stage of the Star Atlas game, called SCORE, will be based on the VWAP – the “volume-weighted average price” per ship. Let us explain how this works: All ships in the Galactic Asset Offering were sold in different tranches for different prices, the VWAP will be based on those waves. Here is an example:

The first wave of the Fimbul ECOS Greenader had a supply of 450 ships that were offered for $8,200 USDC. The second wave had a supply of 300 ships that were offered for $9,185 USDC. This would leave us with this formula to calculate the VWAP: (450 x 8,200)+(300 x 9,185)/750. So, our VWAP for the Greenader is $8,594 USDC.

Based on this number, you will earn ATLAS by deploying your ships in the upcoming mini game. But does it matter for the VWAP if all ships were sold? Because for the Greenader there are still ships left on the marketplace from the first wave and the second wave hasn’t even been touched. Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner confirmed that this wouldn’t matter: “It is based on total potential VWAP, and not actually executed purchases. Essentially the full weighted value if everything was sold.”


All Star Atlas ship prices in one place! This table should help you to find the best deals for Star Atlas ships on the marketplace! It contains all the available ships from the Star Atlas marketplace with real-time value data. This table should be part of the information you need in order to make an informed decision with regards to a ship purchase. The table shows relation of price (average of best bid and best ask), as well as of best bid and best ask to VWAP.

The price for each ship in this table is the average between the best bid and best ask on the marketplace. Why? Because you rarely go to buy at the best ask, and you cannot really buy right away at best bid. Actual trades usually happen in-between and average of the two is often used to represent current price.

Naturally, we hope you can use the information we provide to your benefit. Please keep in mind, that this table doesn’t provide financial advice.