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Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #99

Since its release, people have been heads-down playing SAGE Labs. In parallel, the team was heads-down, fixing bugs and making small improvements. But, fortunately for this issue, more happened last week! A highlight was the team publishing their latest Economic Report, covering the 3rd quarter of 2023. However, most newsworthy tidbits you’ll find in this newsletter came from Chip (Director of Game Systems Design) and, to a lesser extent, our very own data runners.

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SAGE Labs Play Now

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #98

We had a big week last week, with the launch of the new StarPath V2 referral system and the release of the very first SAGE iteration: SAGE Labs! Meanwhile, a lot of players have jumped into Labs, and though there are some show-stopping bugs (at least for some), it looks like most people react favorably to it.

Besides this, the 2nd Photography concluded, ATLAS Prime went live as well (as part of Labs), and we’ve got the latest on the first Golden Ticket raffle.

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Fimbul BYOS Butch

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #97

We had a few quiet weeks now, and last week was no different. However, it looks like the quiet period is coming to an end! The team is planning to launch SAGE Labs this week. This will mark the launch of the very first iterations of Star Atlas’ on-chain gameplay! On top of that, StarPath V2 will be made available this week as well!
Exciting times are ahead, and the content creators in the community will work overtime to produce video tutorials, strategy guides, and other material for you all to benefit from! Finally, we also received some new info on the CORE Act 2 issues and their availability.

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Star Atlas - Ground Race Track Connector [Showroom R2.2]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #96

Another week went by, and SAGE Labs is closer to release than ever before. However, it does look like we’ll need to wait a little longer. Meanwhile, limited community playtesting has begun, which ruffled some feathers in the community. Beyond that, not much happened last week. We did get a bit more insight into the roadmap going forward, and the team shared some shots of a new ground race track environment that you’ll be able to explore in Showroom R2.2.

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Star Atlas - Ogrika Niruch [In-Engine]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #95

We’ve seen the flow of news slowly dry up these past two weeks, while anticipation for the release of SAGE Labs continues building. This past week, the main spotlight undoubtedly shone on the SAGE Labs ship specs that were shared by Chip (Director of Game Systems Design). Besides that, surprising news came in the form of Dan Park announcing his departure from ATMTA. Lastly, it looks like StarPath V2 could be right around the corner!

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Star Atlas - Ogrika Niruch -Skins [In-engine]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #94

After the information-packed last weeks, the past week was again a more quiet one. The Atlas Brew was filled with lore from José (aka ZeSKK – Star Atlas official Penguin) on the various systems we’ll get to explore in SAGE Labs, and how this lore ties into the other lore that is already out there. In other words, a lot of lore-alpha was dropped, but nothing regarding gameplay or timelines.

Fortunately, Chip (Director of Game Systems Design) was feeling generous, answering many SAGE Labs-related questions on Discord. This led to some interesting insights into how different ships behave in that game, which you can read about below.

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Star Atlas Sage Labs SOON

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #93

Once again, the Atlas Brew from last week did not disappoint! Chris (Head of Game Economy) and Michael (CEO) were back for round two on SAGE Labs, while Chip (Director of Game Systems Design) was in the chat answering questions as well.

We did not just get more details (which we promptly added to our guide); we also got some screenshots this time around! On top of that, we got a sneak peek video of the Starbased UI, MoonPay integration, a DRiP-ing collaboration, and the first winner of the Photography Career Competition.

Finally, Michael also shared the target release window for SAGE Labs.

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Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #92

Last week was very much a copy of the week before. The week was relatively low on news, and then the Atlas Brew happened. This time the topic was the Economy in SAGE Labs, for which they brought on a special guest: Chris, the Head of Game Economy. He shared a good deal of new information on SAGE Labs! Also in attendance was Michael (CEO), who piled some more alpha on top, making the last week a treasure trove of new information!

Though, in all honesty, there were a few other interesting bits shared last week, including an update on CORE (collectible) hardcovers and an update of the Ship Configurations!

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Pearce X4 - Tigu Skins

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #91

Last week saw a surprise visit from Michael (CEO) at the Atlas Brew, which turned it into an alpha-leek bonanza! We’ll get into everything discussed there below! Other than that, a few clarifications were given on Discord in response to questions, but nothing major was announced through any of the official channels. Not a problem; the Atlas Brew was enough to fill this newsletter with!

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Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #90

This past week has been a true rollercoaster! We reported on the bombshell announcement in last week’s newsletter, which was followed by mild panic among the community. But then, this past Wednesday, the team hosted a special “Townhall” meeting where Michael (CEO) shed some more positive light on the new reality going forward, including the team’s runway and their product lineup. Danny (CPO) then elaborated on some of the upcoming features for Showroom R2.2 that they previously kept under wraps.

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Star Atlas Companion

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #89

As expected, last week was one for the history books! It was a blockbuster of a week, despite the only actual product release being the first issue of CORE Act 2. However, we did get a lot of information on SAGE: REC (henceforth known as SAGE: Starbased) and the team’s partnership with Meta Gravity. And to top it all off, the team announced the purpose and function of their upcoming Mobile Companion App!

And then, right before sending out this newsletter, the team dropped a bombshell of an announcement…

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F07wV2 WIAUAn9m

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #88

Compared to the past few weeks, last week was pretty quiet. But it’s the tempest before the storm, as we expect a torrent of news coming this week! So, we’ll use this opportunity to look ahead at what we can expect over the next few days!

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Star Atlas DAO

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #87

Last week saw the much-anticipated launch of the Governance Application and the very first Polis Improvement Proposal, PIP-1! On the other end of the spectrum, we experienced the team sunsetting Escape Velocity, and Michael sharing a good deal of information on its successor: REC. Most of this information was released by Michael during an impromptu AMA this past Friday on the Star Atlas Discord server. This was the second time in a row, so you may want to keep an eye out this Friday!

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Armstrong IMP Ships Banner

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #86

The last week was action-packed! Destination Starbase was kicked off, with the release of three new dedicated mining ships! The end of Escape Velocity was announced in conjunction with a crack-down on bots. The new Governance App page was almost released. On top of that, we received a new quarterly Economic Report and Atlas Star newsletter!

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Armstrong IMP Tip - Small Mining ship [Concept Art]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #85

We almost had another week that was going to be low on newsworthy topics, but then the team suddenly threw in an impromptu Townhall last Friday! With the Lore Wiki announced during the Atlas Brew, there is suddenly a lot to cover!

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Star Atlas - Armstrong IMP (Capital ship) [Concept Art]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #84

After a few intense weeks, the team seems to have taken a short break from launching (sometimes surprising) new releases. With everything out there, the community is buzzing, and has been heavily engaged in Escape Velocity, the Never Alone campaign, trying to optimize their R4 supply lines, and, -let’s not forget- having a good deal of fun with Showroom R2.1!

With the imminent launch of the Star Atlas DAO formalization process on the horizon, and a good amount of releases planned for Q3, there is also plenty more to look forward to!

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Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #83

The Economy is here! The team just moved the needle in a significant way, overnight kickstarting the player-driven economy! This is clearly the biggest headline from last week, but there is more! ATLAS offerings from the team are back on the Marketplace as well!

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Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #82

The team is on fire! We received our 3rd big release of 2023 last week, and it sure is garnering a good deal of attention outside of the dedicated Star Atlas community. It’s also good to see Michael (CEO) show up in interviews like he used to back in the early days of this project, in 2021. The media are writing articles, Twitter is buzzing, and most of you will no doubt agree: It was a good week in Star Atlas!

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star atlas opal bitboat interior 01

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #81

Last week would have been a quiet week, were it not for the surprise Townhall the team hosted last Friday! Santi had the honor of announcing this surprise event during the Atlas Brew event on Wednesday, including its special guest: Danny Floyd (CPO), also known as Bunthius!

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star atlas floydliner uland 01

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #80

After a few interesting weeks, last week was again a bit lighter on the news. Definitely worth mentioning, however, is that the player base seems to have embraced the Never Alone campaign, which also led to an uptick in Escape Velocity activity. Meanwhile, Twitter has been filling up with threads and videos about Star Atlas, proving to the team this is a viable way to involve the community in their future marketing efforts.

Fortunately, we did receive a new Atlas Star on Friday (issue 18) to provide some much-appreciated news regarding the team’s progress.

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R2.2 Test

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #119

This past week was a blast! The Community Week saw a ton of activity, which really brought the community together! On top of that, the Town Hall came with a ton of alpha, announcements, and reveals. We have news on R2.2, Starbased, Crew cards, COPA, the Joni Awards and more!

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Star Atlas - Community Week

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #118

Happy Community Week! This first-of-a-kind week, in which a community-focused event is organized daily, is kicking off today! That for sure means we will have plenty of news to cover in next week’s issue.

Now, looking at the past week first, there was little in the way of news. Without the Community Week highlight, this issue would have been much thinner. Really the only news from last week is that the team picked the COPA finalists and launched the alternative collectible cover for the final chapter of CORE Act 2.

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Joni Award

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #117

A short and sweet issue this week, as news and reveals from the team have quieted down a bit. Of course, we’re getting close to the big Community Week event (Feb 26 – March 1), and it’s widely expected that there will be some interesting announcements (if not actual releases) during that week! What we do have for this week is a new JNavigating Star Atlas episode, Joni nominations to vote on, and more DAC stats!

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Ogrika Ruch - PURI skin

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #116

Last week was pretty action-packed despite there being no gameplay releases or updates. The team launched a new XXS racing ship and made 3 limited edition skins available, but with a twist. In addition, they released the 6th and final episode of CORE Act 2! Lastly, we received more details on Crew members, and a former Econ team member has been working hard to provide us with early DAC Analysis. This will be a somewhat longer one, so strap in!

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DAC Launch

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #115

We’ve officially entered the second month of the year 2024, and the team has launched its highly anticipated DAC Platform! Exactly 3 years ago, the team (only a handful of people) published their Whitepaper and shared their vision with the world. Since then, dozens of DACs (aka guilds) have been created, but there was no way to officially register these with Star Atlas. Those days are now in the past!

This release was not all, however. The team also announced a brand new ship, the Ogrika Ruch. When it goes on sale, it will do so along with 3 exclusive skins! And there is something special happening with those skins.

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Star Atlas: Council of Peace Assembly

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #114

The first month of 2024 is almost in our rearview mirror, and though there has been no big bang yet (as expected), we’ve had a decent amount of news to report on every week. This past week was no exception! Major highlights of course: the first ship release of the year and the Community Week announcement for the last week of February. On top of that, Michael (CEO) provided an overview of the work going on to improve stability and reduce technical issues, which we included verbatim.

Then, there were a bunch of smaller tidbits worth sharing, such as the Atlas Brew, Econ changes, and conferences.

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SA Multiplayer test 01

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #113

Last week was the team’s second workweek of the year, and it came with some interesting events! Stealing the spotlight, the very first Unreal Engine 5 multiplayer stress test took place, offering Star Atlas enthusiasts a glimpse into the future! Beyond that, the ATLAS side of the market was repriced following the decline of the ATLAS token’s value these past few weeks. And lastly, a new ship was pre-announced!

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Happy New Year from Aephia

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #112

For the first newsletter for the year, we want to kick things off by wishing you a Happy New Year and a 2024 of galactic proportions! Team members have previously mentioned that 2024 will be the year of Star Atlas, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on all developments through this newsletter! We certainly believe the potential is there!

Meanwhile, the team has resumed their work, but -as expected- not many newsworthy items were shared. The team has undoubtedly kicked off internal planning for the new year like they did in previous ones. Fortunately, three weeks is a long time, so we managed to gather some interesting news bits for you below!

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Christmas/Xmas Greetings from Aephia

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #111

Welcome to our 111th newsletter on Star Atlas! This weekly newsletter focuses entirely on the development of this ambitious game and is published by Aephia Industries. Here, we try to aggregate all the newsworthy tidbits revealed [mainly by the team] throughout the past week. From all of us at Aephia

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sage 3d announcement playnow v1

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #110

As the team approaches Christmas and their (subsequent) two weeks off, they are crunching hard, trying to push some more releases out this year. We’ll likely hear more about those efforts on Tuesday when they host their last Town Hall of the year!

But we had an interesting week, this past week as well! The highly anticipated release of the 3D version of SAGE, whose graphics have enamored many, finally went live! And we had the GAM3 Awards, of course.

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