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Exclusive Escape Velocity Poster - One of the Bronze Loot tier items

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #77

The day we have all been waiting for has finally come! Whether you were waiting for your first taste of on-chain gameplay, or to navigate a ship in the foundation of what will grow to become SAGE, late last Wednesday night (for those in the US, for those of you in the EU, it was very early morning after), on April 26th, the day finally came! It was the moment we could jump into Escape Velocity and captain our ship(s) through the Movement Test.

There was one other release that had difficulty staying in the spotlight for very long, which was the IP Licensing agreement. Perhaps less sexy to most, the services & fan-made products this enables might very well one day eclipse your enthusiasm for this early on-chain Movement Test!

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escape velocity

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #76

Most weeks, there is little news, and then some weeks, there is a ton. Last week falls squarely into the latter category. After two and a half months, the team finally organized another Townhall, and it came with a major milestone achievement: The pending release of the very first module of SAGE, the Movement Test! And, of course, right alongside that, the Scavenger Hunt.

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UE5 shot - Ground Racing [WIP]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #75

We have an exciting week behind us! We got a brand new on-chain release, airdrops, and more information on SAGE and the Roadmap. In addition, the team released a brand new edition of the Atlas Star, which aims to shed light on the Galactic Supply Chain and the importance of freight shipping in the Star Atlas universe! But we’ll kick things off with the big news from last week: Pablo Quiroga (Co-founder & CRO) leaving the team all of a sudden.

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Pearce X6 skin

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #74

First off, we hope you had a great Easter weekend! It feels like a lot has happened in a relatively short amount of time. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive in!

The past week came with plenty of newsworthy tidbits, including some major news just this weekend that shocked many: One of the co-founders, Pablo Quiroga (CRO), has left the company!

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Showroom Map

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #73

The first quarter of 2023 came and went without any substantial releases from the team. Many held hope of seeing the SAGE: Movement Test and/or the Claim Stakes R4 production (for SCORE) in March, but with that month having come to an end, we now expect to see these in Q2 of 2023 instead. These two releases will join Showroom 2.1, which was already targeting Q2. And let’s not forget about the Mobile Companion app, which, according to leaked documents, was targeted for Q1, but which might now be launched in Q2 as well. In short, the second quarter of 2023 could become the action-packed month we really need!

And then, there is one more thing to (potentially) look forward to, coupled with the Movement Test. The team will launch an immersive social campaign. Nothing about it was shared, however, so we’ll have to wait and see what this will entail.

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Atlas Brew Meetup

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #72

Last week was, once again, a quiet week. But, could this perhaps be the calm before the storm? The end of Q1 is in our sights, and the team has become very quiet, almost as if they are in crunch-mode right before a possible release. We’ll learn more soon, no doubt!

There were a few interesting tidbits to report on, however! There was an official Paris meetup, an interview with Brett (Blockchain Architect on Twitter), and some discussion regarding the hangar size in ships!

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Fimbul BYOS Packlite

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #70

The biggest story in crypto land last week was, undoubtedly, the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and what this meant for Circle, the company that operates the USDC stablecoin. Besides the team’s reaction to this, and the release of Core issue 5, there was not much other news last week.

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PRC X6 Struts 1

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #68

We had a quiet week in Star Atlas’ corner of the metaverse, with the only real news coming from the foundation-room channels on the official Discord server. But… That news was pretty juicy, with Danny (CTO) sharing a good deal of new information about upcoming UE5 gameplay, and some enticing pictures to go with it!

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star atlas veh calico scud 3

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #67

The past week got us a brand new issue of the Atlas Star, issue 15, and more information on the upcoming mobile companion app. For those not yet up to speed on this upcoming mobile application, we’ll provide an extensive deep dive into what we currently know!

With the airdrops now finally available (read more about that later), we’ve also received a first look at the new X-Small ships that came as a reward with some of the CSS Land plots. You will see shots of these throughout the newsletter!

However, not everything was rainbows and unicorns last week.

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Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #66

In a week with no Town hall and no Atlas Star newsletter, things were relatively quiet on the Star Atlas front. On top of that, the tragic disaster in South East Turkey & Northern Syria easily overshadowed the few news tidbits that did come out. We’ll also address that in this newsletter, but let’s kick things off with the newsworthy bits from last week!

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Pearce X6

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #64

The past week has been a quiet one. No reveals came from the team, and no public appearances or new articles have manifested. Well, that is not entirely true, the team did post a second (text) update to the Epic Games Store. There is nothing new here, but it’s well worth the read. Meanwhile, January is nearing its end, and in February, the team is expected to shed more light on what to expect from them this year.

It looks like the first step in this direction will come through a Townhall this Friday (February 3rd). The team seems confident this date will work out, but we are still awaiting official confirmation. So keep an eye out!

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Fimbul BYOS Butch

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #97

We had a few quiet weeks now, and last week was no different. However, it looks like the quiet period is coming to an end! The team is planning to launch SAGE Labs this week. This will mark the launch of the very first iterations of Star Atlas’ on-chain gameplay! On top of that, StarPath V2 will be made available this week as well!
Exciting times are ahead, and the content creators in the community will work overtime to produce video tutorials, strategy guides, and other material for you all to benefit from! Finally, we also received some new info on the CORE Act 2 issues and their availability.

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Star Atlas - Ground Race Track Connector [Showroom R2.2]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #96

Another week went by, and SAGE Labs is closer to release than ever before. However, it does look like we’ll need to wait a little longer. Meanwhile, limited community playtesting has begun, which ruffled some feathers in the community. Beyond that, not much happened last week. We did get a bit more insight into the roadmap going forward, and the team shared some shots of a new ground race track environment that you’ll be able to explore in Showroom R2.2.

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Star Atlas - Ogrika Niruch [In-Engine]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #95

We’ve seen the flow of news slowly dry up these past two weeks, while anticipation for the release of SAGE Labs continues building. This past week, the main spotlight undoubtedly shone on the SAGE Labs ship specs that were shared by Chip (Director of Game Systems Design). Besides that, surprising news came in the form of Dan Park announcing his departure from ATMTA. Lastly, it looks like StarPath V2 could be right around the corner!

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Star Atlas - Ogrika Niruch -Skins [In-engine]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #94

After the information-packed last weeks, the past week was again a more quiet one. The Atlas Brew was filled with lore from José (aka ZeSKK – Star Atlas official Penguin) on the various systems we’ll get to explore in SAGE Labs, and how this lore ties into the other lore that is already out there. In other words, a lot of lore-alpha was dropped, but nothing regarding gameplay or timelines.

Fortunately, Chip (Director of Game Systems Design) was feeling generous, answering many SAGE Labs-related questions on Discord. This led to some interesting insights into how different ships behave in that game, which you can read about below.

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Star Atlas Sage Labs SOON

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #93

Once again, the Atlas Brew from last week did not disappoint! Chris (Head of Game Economy) and Michael (CEO) were back for round two on SAGE Labs, while Chip (Director of Game Systems Design) was in the chat answering questions as well.

We did not just get more details (which we promptly added to our guide); we also got some screenshots this time around! On top of that, we got a sneak peek video of the Starbased UI, MoonPay integration, a DRiP-ing collaboration, and the first winner of the Photography Career Competition.

Finally, Michael also shared the target release window for SAGE Labs.

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Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #92

Last week was very much a copy of the week before. The week was relatively low on news, and then the Atlas Brew happened. This time the topic was the Economy in SAGE Labs, for which they brought on a special guest: Chris, the Head of Game Economy. He shared a good deal of new information on SAGE Labs! Also in attendance was Michael (CEO), who piled some more alpha on top, making the last week a treasure trove of new information!

Though, in all honesty, there were a few other interesting bits shared last week, including an update on CORE (collectible) hardcovers and an update of the Ship Configurations!

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Pearce X4 - Tigu Skins

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #91

Last week saw a surprise visit from Michael (CEO) at the Atlas Brew, which turned it into an alpha-leek bonanza! We’ll get into everything discussed there below! Other than that, a few clarifications were given on Discord in response to questions, but nothing major was announced through any of the official channels. Not a problem; the Atlas Brew was enough to fill this newsletter with!

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Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #90

This past week has been a true rollercoaster! We reported on the bombshell announcement in last week’s newsletter, which was followed by mild panic among the community. But then, this past Wednesday, the team hosted a special “Townhall” meeting where Michael (CEO) shed some more positive light on the new reality going forward, including the team’s runway and their product lineup. Danny (CPO) then elaborated on some of the upcoming features for Showroom R2.2 that they previously kept under wraps.

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Star Atlas Companion

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #89

As expected, last week was one for the history books! It was a blockbuster of a week, despite the only actual product release being the first issue of CORE Act 2. However, we did get a lot of information on SAGE: REC (henceforth known as SAGE: Starbased) and the team’s partnership with Meta Gravity. And to top it all off, the team announced the purpose and function of their upcoming Mobile Companion App!

And then, right before sending out this newsletter, the team dropped a bombshell of an announcement…

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F07wV2 WIAUAn9m

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #88

Compared to the past few weeks, last week was pretty quiet. But it’s the tempest before the storm, as we expect a torrent of news coming this week! So, we’ll use this opportunity to look ahead at what we can expect over the next few days!

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