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Crew member procreation?

In this Youtube interview, Michael (Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas) said that “your crew members will from young age to essentially dying….and we can even introduce procreation in the game where you’re taking crew members and giving birth to new babies.”

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Legendary surprise for Rebirth license holders

On October 7th, Star Atlas came out with a nice surprise for Pilot and Captain license holders. All licenses will be replaced with a legendary and an anomaly crew member respectively. Follow the link for more detailed information.

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Are ships faction-agnostic?

Asked, whether ships will be faction-agnostic(not limited to a single faction), Bunthius, CPO of the Star Atlas, told members of the exclusive Foundation Channel on the Star Atlas Discord: “Yes, primarily it’s just for expanded universe lore info. But when manufacturing new ships, the blueprints rewarded will likely be tied to the faction region the

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Star Atlas Player Registration Guide

Aephia Industries publishes a player registration guide on their Medium page. With the launch of the mini-game faction registration, many are eager for information. Aephia Industries has put together a guide with the most commonly asked questions and information regarding the registration process. Included in the article, is information what does the registration process entail,

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Will the strength of a ship mostly depend on price?

Asked in the exclusive Foundation Room channel of the Star Atlas Discord, Bunthius (CPO) denied, that the primary strength of any ship in battle will only be its price: “A ship’s strength in battle, will depend a lot on player skill, ship configuration/customisation and fleet configuration.”

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Roadmap as at early October ’21

Michael (Wagner, the CEO of Star Atlas) confirmed that the team, are primarily focused on simplified, fun gameplay mechanics what will enable earnings. Going to start with a simple version of ship missions, then basic land development and space station construction before looping around and improving on those features. The Geo co-ordinate system with the

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Operating with a ledger

Operating with a ledger, will have its own downsides. In Michael Wagner’s (Star Atlas CEO) words, “We’re probably going to need to put some effort into sorting that out. Because the last thing you want to deal with is confirming a transaction on a hardware device in the heat of a battle. But we will

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Items that will be account-bound

Licenses, passports and character progression will be account-bound, and thus they cannot be sold or transferred to another wallet. However, since badges are NFTs, they can be sold or transferred as needed.

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Star Atlas now on Okcoin Exchange

Star Atlas tokens are now available on Okcoin Exchange. All Okcoin customers excluding residents of the EU, UK, Singapore and Brunei, can now deposit, withdraw and trade ATLAS against USD. Deposits have been live since September 28 and trading from September 29 8pm PT.  

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Fabricant crew gear in the mini-game

From what we know so far, at first at least, it will be strictly ships to start with. The FIRMAM3NTAL: STAR✶MAKERS crew gear collection, is designed by The Fabricant, and features exclusive Star Atlas digital couture with legendary and epic metaverse attributes.

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Ship-related features

Some titbits obtained from SA staff. There is currently no cap on the amount of ships that a player can control Collision physics should be present, but still unconfirmed There will be a training mode to earn your pilot’s/captain’s license. Partnership with Jet Protocol on leasing of ships is under way. No fixed date set

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Partnership with Sperasoft

The Star Atlas team announced today the full co-development partnership with Sperasoft, a video game development company based in Silicon Valley. “We’re thrilled to continue our expansion of onboarding Triple-A developer Sperasoft to this project to make the vision of a rich and vast metaverse a reality,” said Michael Wagner, CEO

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Target dates still on track

Due to Thanksgiving, the update of the official Star Atlas roadmap, which was actually planned for every Friday, had been moved to Monday. Now the team published details about the current progress. The most important point for us investors: SCORE and POLIS staking are still on schedule for early December.

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SCORE (mini-game) resources

Responding to a question about resources in the Star Atlas Foundation channel, Star Atlas CEO, Michael Wagner, confirmed that: Max capacity of resources will scale to the size of the fleet. However, consumption time will remain the same, as every ship within a fleet maintains the same consumption rate. Factions

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POLIS staking before the full DAO release

In an interview with the Brazilian Star Atlas Alliance, Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner talked about the short-term goal of the team regarding POLIS staking and earning: “The other major feature (next to SCORE) we want to release is at least POLIS staking. The full DAO, the full governance structure

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SCORE Roadmap Update

Every Friday the Star Atlas team plans to publish a short update on the roadmap. The most important info this time: the target date (December 9, 2021) for the launch of the mini game SCORE still remains unconfirmed. The main points of the update: SCORE on-chain program near completion SCORE

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Rebalance of ATLAS prices

Now that the Star Atlas marketplace offers the possibility to buy the ships not yet sold by the dev team with the in-game currency ATLAS, some bargains can be made. However, this opportunity could soon be diminished. Namely, when the prices in ATLAS are adjusted to the current exchange rate

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Star Atlas Townhall #21

We have collected the most interesting points from the latest Star Atlas Townhall for you: Official news updates from CEO: UI (User Interface) improvements in final phases of development that will add more information and allow more informed purchase decisions. SCORE delayed to December. Currently targeted for Dec 9th to

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SCORE delayed until December

In yesterday’s Town Hall of Star Atlas team CEO Michael Wagner announced a delay regarding the launch date of the mini game. Originally, the official roadmap indicated November 18 as the target date, but this date has now been pushed back to December 9. However, this is still a target date and

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No Commander class ships before SCORE

Until now, the Star Atlas community had expected the sale of a Commander class ship before the launch of the mini game. After all, CEO Michael Wagner had indicated that the sale would probably take place “slightly before” SCORE. The Galactic Asset Offering brochure lists the Pearce C11 (Legendary Fighter)

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Early Access Purchases

Michael Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas, revealed some details in an interview with DDN about the ships that were not sold on the open market as part of the Galactic Asset Offering, but were instead sent directly to individual wallets via airdrop. Wagner quantified these sales as “early access purchases.”

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