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Early Access Purchases

Michael Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas, revealed some details in an interview with DDN about the ships that were not sold on the open market as part of the Galactic Asset Offering, but were instead sent directly to individual wallets via airdrop. Wagner quantified these sales as “early access purchases.” “The minimum (to qualify for

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Head of DAC relations

In an interview with the Decentralized News Network Michael Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas, talked about the future plans regarding guild communication and coordination within Star Atlas and their discord: “One of the additional roles that we’re hiring for right now is the head of DAC (decentralized autonomous corporations, the Star Atlas term for guilds)

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star atlas new townhall

Town Hall this friday

The course for a new Star Atlas Town Hall is set! The Star Atlas team just confirmed that it will be held this Friday, 8 PM UTC.

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star atlas news pearce r8 fuel

Ship parts salvaging/manufacturing

Star Atlas CPO, Bunthius, today confirmed, that ship parts will be salvageable and “possibly a large portion of their raw materials“. However, he also confirmed that, in order to build faction-specific items, someone in that faction with the appropriate manufacture license level for the blueprints is required. This includes faction-specific ships.

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star atlas news vzus opod detail

Stealth class attributes

If we look at the description of the known VZUS ships, the opod is classified as “stealthy”. And the ambwe has “stealth features (that) reduce overall energy output to fly under the radar.” However, if we look at the components and modules of these ships, we can’t see any special feature compared to other ships

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Control of a solar system

When it comes to the subject of government and political control over space in Star Atlas, we know that there will basically be a tripartite system. Towering above it all is the Star Atlas DAO itself. It decides about: • Monetary policy • Treasury management • Gamewide decisions Under the Star Atlas DAO are the

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star atlas news vzus ambwe 02

ATLAS price for ships will be “repriced periodically”

With the upcoming 4th wave of the Galactic Asset Offering on Tuesday, the Star Atlas marketplace will see pairings with the in-game currency ATLAS for the very first time. Half of the offered supply will be set for purchase exclusively with ATLAS. But when exactly will the value for each ship in ATLAS be set?

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star atlas news ship pearce r8

GAO ships modules / components

As was previously confirmed, all ships bought through the GAO (Galactic Asset Offering), are delivered fully loaded. However, the ships will still be fully customisable. All the various modules, can be changed/sold as needed as confirmed by Bunthius (Star Atlas CPO):  “The plan right now is that all GAO ships come with filled crew/component/module slots.

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star atlas news pearce c9

C9 ship capacity

In answering a question as to how many Pearce X5 or Pearce F4 fighters can fit into a Pearce C9. Figures are not yet confirmed. However, Bunthius, aka Danny Floyd Star Atlas CPO, replied that numbers are estimated to be around 5 F4s and 10 F5s on the low end, and three times that on

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star atlas news rainbow om ship

Guide to the mini game published

Wondering what the Star Atlas mini game is? We have collected all known facts and wrapped them up in an Aephia guide for you. Learn everything about the content of the Mini game, your earning potential and the plans of the Star Atlas team.

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star atlas news ustur

No ability buffs related to species

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether a particular Star Atlas faction would have certain advantages or disadvantages in terms of manning the starships. For example, is there a bonus if an ONI pilots an ONI-designed ship? Danny Floyd, CTO of Star Atlas, recently dismissed such speculation about crew members. “It shouldn’t

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“Considerable” buffs for multi-role ships

With the emergence of the Pearce C9 (classified as a fighter ship), initial comparisons were made with the only other capital class ship in the marketplace, the Calico Guardian classified as a multi-role ship). And at first glance, the C9 seems to pack a lot of advantages: bigger, more weapons, more crewmembers, more Capital modules

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star atlas news vzus opod interior

Image galleries added to the marketplace

With the latest update to the marketplace, the Star Atlas team published a whole series of never-before-seen images for all available ships. Enjoy a look inside or details of the individual components, mixed with a variety of action shots.

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star atlas news vintage astronaut suite

The Hunt for an Ancient Artifact — Part II

The Star Atlas team published the second part of “The Hunt for an Ancient Artifact” were ONI, Ustur, and MUD battle for the infamous Vintage Astronaut Suite that was part of the Armstrong Forever event. Aephia is humbled to see a shout-out from the team as “one of those notorious meta-guilds in Star Atlas working

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star atlas news council

Details on POLIS staking

The Star Atlas CEO shared some details about the upcoming staking of the POLIS token in the DAO: “The structure is separate from NFT asset yields. So you can’t assume the same rates of return (as NFT ship mission rewards). It will be highly variable depending on the number of people that participate in staking

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star atlas news ship fimbul ecos greenader

Star Atlas earnings will be based on VWAP

VWAP is here! As the start of the mini game (called SCORE) draws nearer, there is a lot of speculation about the potential earnings. Michael Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas, confirmed, that the return on investment of your space ships per year will be based on the VWAP – the “volume-weighted average price”. Since all

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star atlas news atlas token

Ship payment with ATLAS is coming

All assets on the Star Atlas marketplace are sold for USDC at the moment. This will change next week. The Star Atlas team announced that the offering of the next wave of ships will debut a payment option in ATLAS, the in-game currency: “The availability of each new ship’s supply in WAVE 4 will be

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star atlas news ship vzus opod

Future rarity of ships

Right now, the rarity of a ship (from common to legendary) is set by the Star Atlas team. But in the future, once players will be able to craft ships on their own – this will change: “Rarity will be tied dynamically to actual total supply when ship manufacturing comes online”, so Danny Floyd, CTO

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star atlas news space station

Progress on the mini-game and ROI

Today we have some more tidbits from an interview with Star Atlas Chief Revenue Officer, Pablo Quiroga and CEO, Michael Wagner. Unfortunately, the first half of the interview was in Spanish, so we couldn’t get much information there. However, we still got some new information from Michael. First off, the mini-game is most likely expected

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star atlas news pearce c11 commander ship

Commander ships availability

We finally have some news with regards to commander ships availability from the CEO himself. In response to a question on whether commander ships will be available before the mini-game, Michael Wagner replied that they will be available “probably slightly before“. So, it looks like players will be able to buy commander ships round about

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star atlas news council

After Party Alpha II

After the Tow Hall was an after party where Chypto, Star Atlas team member, dropped quite a bit more alpha: Grand Strategy first Chypto confirmed once more that the UE5 game will start out as more of an RTS (Grand Strategy) and that jumping in ships to take first-person control

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star atlas news robot

After Party Alpha

After the Tow Hall was an after party where Chypto, Star Atlas team member, dropped quite a bit more alpha: Cream Version Zero No experience or loyalty accumulation in cream v0 – Loyalty accrual comes later and is tied to ship missions Fimbul is the base ship manufacturer (present in

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star atlas news access badge

Faction Passport Update

The Faction Passports NFT’s (supply of 12,698) were part of the Tier 0 rewards for (Rebirth / Armstrong) meta-poster holders. Soon after their distribution, however, they were exiled from the Galactic Marketplace together with the Captain’s License and the Pilot’s License. Today we learned something about their future role in Star

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star atlas news pearce x4 02

Faction Aligned Companies

Today the Star Atlas team had big news for the community – “the feature reveal you’ve been waiting for: Faction Aligned Companies!” In the update on the official roadmap, we learn that there are not only the three major factions (ONI, MUD and Ustur) but also four minor factions! Each

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star atlas news ship pearce x5 02

Ship Crafting incoming

The Star Atlas team is planning to release the ship-building mechanic earlier than expected as part of CREAM (see updated roadmap). The idea here is specifically to delegate the creation of XXS ships to the community, so there will be enough of them. With whales being able to buy up

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star atlas news ship ogrika thripid

X4, Jet and Thripid earnings adjusted

The Star Atlas team informed the community that “based on a community-informed audit of the SCORE mechanics, we have adjusted the rewards on the following ships to have their emissions more fairly match their VWAP’s.” 🔥 Pearce X4: $22.66 VWAP ⚡️ Opal Jet: $20 VWAP ⚔️ Ogrika Thripid: $8506.43 VWAP

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star atlas news ship vzus opod

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

The Star Atlas team gave us a little sneak peek at some pre-alpha gameplay footage in UnrealEngine 5. Santi, Community Mod at the Star Atlas Discord commented “The video is a summon sequence of a VZUS opod into the volant studio aka the showroom module in ue5. Players can load

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star atlas news cosmic sounds collectible

Surprise NFT Drop

Yesterday, Thursday, there was an early Christmas surprise for a lot of Star Atlas players. Or – to be precise: for 6,765 of them. They found in their wallets the “Cosmic Sounds” batch. A Collectible rated as Epic Crew Gear. “Everyone holding a ReBirth/ Legends meta-poster or a piece from

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star atlas news fimbul lowbie

Fimbul Lowbie Leak

Normally Danny Floyd, Star Atlas CPO is responsible for the Alpha Leaks in the Foundation Room on Discord. But his boss beat him to it this time and shared a previously unreleased image of the Fimbul Lowbie with us. “Don’t tell Danny,” Michael Wagner added.

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star atlas news purchasing ships

Animoca Brands invests over $3 million

Star Atlas announced that Animoca Brands has committed to purchasing over $3 million worth of Star Atlas NFT spaceships. Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, commented: “We are looking forward to using these hyper-realistic spaceships in the Star Atlas metaverse when it launches, and to capitalize

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