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Loyalty Points and Blueprints

As the Star Atlas team published some more information about ship manufacturing and ship blueprints, players already speculate about somewhat of a blueprint skill tree. Chypto shared some light on the team’s approach on Discord: “For blueprint unlocks, I am leaning towards a different system where players spend loyalty points and each blueprint has a

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Player Ships VS NPC Ships

Michael Wagner, Star Atlas CEO, spoke about the difference in the upcoming gameplay in regard to ships operated by players or NPCs: “People populated ships should have an advantage over NPC operated ships, particularly at the granular first-person view. This assumes that all other variables are equal, and doesn’t account for individual talent or character

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Roadmap update: DAO concerns

As every Friday, the Star Atlas team has published a short summary on the roadmap: 2022 Planning over, getting ready for official project kick-off on Monday Resources Mining Item Crafting Ship Exploration & Land Discovery Mobile Optimization Faction Selection implementation done Marketplace improvement proposal approved and ready for kickoff DAO: security concerns were identified and

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Your guide to shipbuilding

So you want to build ships in Star Atlas? What an enormously profitable business – in space! We just published an in-depth guide that teaches you everything you need to know about blueprints, loyalty and manufacturers!

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Transition to pure ATLAS markets?

In the beginning of the Galactic Asset Offerings, ships in Star Atlas were sold in USDC. Later in the year, the team started to offer half of the supply of a new ship in ATLAS. CEO Michael Wagner now revealed that this development could continue in the current year: “We will be introducing a transition

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Single sided ATLAS staking in Q1?

Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner confirmed the plans to enable single-sided POLIS and ATLAS staking in the first quarter of this year: “I would note that single-sided staking for both A/P are coming, and are priorities for the year. Targeting Q1. Just a note on POLIS voting – one POLIS does not necessarily equate to

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Infographic for ship builders

You want to build ships in Star Atlas? With the latest roadmap update from the dev team, we learned a lot about the different manufacturers, how to acquire blueprints to craft ships, and much more! To help you navigate all this information, Aephia has published two infographics: Star Atlas Ship Chart You want to build

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After Party Alpha II

After the Tow Hall was an after party where Chypto, Star Atlas team member, dropped quite a bit more alpha: Grand Strategy first Chypto confirmed once more that the UE5 game will start out as more of an RTS (Grand Strategy) and that jumping in ships to take first-person control will come later down the

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After Party Alpha

After the Tow Hall was an after party where Chypto, Star Atlas team member, dropped quite a bit more alpha: Cream Version Zero No experience or loyalty accumulation in cream v0 – Loyalty accrual comes later and is tied to ship missions Fimbul is the base ship manufacturer (present in all 3 factions). For that

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Faction Passport Update

The Faction Passports NFT’s (supply of 12,698) were part of the Tier 0 rewards for (Rebirth / Armstrong) meta-poster holders. Soon after their distribution, however, they were exiled from the Galactic Marketplace together with the Captain’s License and the Pilot’s License. Today we learned something about their future role in Star Atlas! These passports will allow

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Faction Aligned Companies

Today the Star Atlas team had big news for the community – “the feature reveal you’ve been waiting for: Faction Aligned Companies!” In the update on the official roadmap, we learn that there are not only the three major factions (ONI, MUD and Ustur) but also four minor factions! Each major faction owns: 1. One

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Ship Crafting incoming

The Star Atlas team is planning to release the ship-building mechanic earlier than expected as part of CREAM (see updated roadmap). The idea here is specifically to delegate the creation of XXS ships to the community, so there will be enough of them. With whales being able to buy up the whole supply of newly

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X4, Jet and Thripid earnings adjusted

The Star Atlas team informed the community that “based on a community-informed audit of the SCORE mechanics, we have adjusted the rewards on the following ships to have their emissions more fairly match their VWAP’s.” 🔥 Pearce X4: $22.66 VWAP ⚡️ Opal Jet: $20 VWAP ⚔️ Ogrika Thripid: $8506.43 VWAP

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Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

The Star Atlas team gave us a little sneak peek at some pre-alpha gameplay footage in UnrealEngine 5. Santi, Community Mod at the Star Atlas Discord commented “The video is a summon sequence of a VZUS opod into the volant studio aka the showroom module in ue5. Players can load their nft ships into the

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Surprise NFT Drop

Yesterday, Thursday, there was an early Christmas surprise for a lot of Star Atlas players. Or – to be precise: for 6,765 of them. They found in their wallets the “Cosmic Sounds” batch. A Collectible rated as Epic Crew Gear. “Everyone holding a ReBirth/ Legends meta-poster or a piece from the FIRMAM3NTAL collection now has

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Fimbul Lowbie Leak

Normally Danny Floyd, Star Atlas CPO is responsible for the Alpha Leaks in the Foundation Room on Discord. But his boss beat him to it this time and shared a previously unreleased image of the Fimbul Lowbie with us. “Don’t tell Danny,” Michael Wagner added.

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star atlas news purchasing ships

Animoca Brands invests over $3 million

Star Atlas announced that Animoca Brands has committed to purchasing over $3 million worth of Star Atlas NFT spaceships. Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, commented: “We are looking forward to using these hyper-realistic spaceships in the Star Atlas metaverse when it launches, and to capitalize on its promising in-game economy

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SCORE finally launched!

SCORE tier 0 has finally been released today and amongst some difficulties and delays in receiving resource drops, things have started moving and you can now send your ships on missions and start earning ATLAS. There is an excellent guide produced by Aephia Industries that contains everything you need to know in order to participate

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Ships crafting and minting

Star Atlas CEO, Michael Wagner, mentioned that there will be no further mints for existing ships. “We don’t have any immediate plans to mint any more. My suspicion is that we will start creating larger mints of new ships as the player base grows”. Also, with regards to crafting, based on the current roadmap, Michael

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Star Atlas DAO

POLIS Staking is Here!

It has been a long, long 4–6 weeks coming, but it has finally landed! POLIS staking is finally here in the form of the POLIS Locker! Now you can go and lock your POLIS for a number of months, or even years, and earn more POLIS in return for that.

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Branded hardware

Looking for a Star Atlas branded PC?

During the #426Live event today, the team announced that they partnered with iBUYPOWER to allow them to produce and sell a set of (limited edition) hardware! Announcement flyer The hardware in question is a Star Atlas-branded game PC, a branded headset and Deskpad featuring Star Atlas art! The Specs Let’s

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Star Atlas launches Referral Program

In an effort to grow the Star Atlas community, the team has just launched their Referral Program in an effort to encourage you to go out and invite your friends. If you accomplish this, various benefits will come your way! The name the team chose for this program is StarPath.

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Aephia 1 Year Anniversary 1

Aephia turns ONE!

A little over a year ago two Star Atlas enthusiasts, Prometheus & Funcracker, both from different continents in the physical world, started talking about the project’s ambitions, its development and the many possibilities it would come to offer. In particular, they discussed the concept of guilds in this space and

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Star Atlas Summer - Upcoming Releases!

Unless you took an offline sabbatical the last few weeks — not necessarily a bad idea, given the current state of the market — you will know that Star Atlas is getting ready for an action-packed summer! The team kicked things off last week with the Council of Peace Assembly, which brought the whole

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star atlas trinket cosmic thunder

Airdrop – FTX Miami Attendance Trinket

In early May, The Star Atlas Team was at FTX Off Miami Beach Race Weekend. The community wanted to participate virtually; we are a metaverse community after all. The Team heard the community and promised surprises. They held live sign up’s for an unknown NFT and a T-Shirt. They delivered

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Alpha Mining Expedition – Discovery Report

Brought to you by our Community Expert Dez The TEAM (ATMTA) released quite a few details about SCREAM this week, ahead of the Town Hall on 13 May (no time given). It isn’t really news, but Michael Wagner (CEO, ATMTA) stated more explicitly that SCREAM is not intended to be

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Star Atlas News Rainbow Arc

SCREAM Updates

There was a surprising amount that came out over the past few days. We have updates to SCREAM, including a WIP first look and information on Resource Extraction (mining). SCREAM Updates: Gameplay We got a first look at the style of gameplay The TEAM is using for SCREAM. The Metaverse

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Council of Peace Station WIP

The Latest On The POLIS DAO

During the past Star Atlas Townhall, Michael shared a ton of information on the upcoming POLIS DAO. For those that missed it, or would like to read the summary of what was talked about, here you are! Dashboard page The POLIS DAO will come with a new dashboard page that

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Star Atlas to launch Sci-fi Adventure Podcast

On April 20th news broke that ATMTA, Inc., partnered with Audio Up to create a Star Atlas-inspired, 8-episode audio-only series, that will be delivered through a podcast. Earlier this year, Michael Wagner (CEO — ATMTA, Inc.) shared that the team is working on several media initiatives to deepen the lore and extend

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