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Operating with a ledger

Operating with a ledger, will have its own downsides. In Michael Wagner’s (Star Atlas CEO) words, “We’re probably going to need to put some effort into sorting that out. Because the last thing you want to deal with is confirming a transaction on a hardware device in the heat of a battle. But we will

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Items that will be account-bound

Licenses, passports and character progression will be account-bound, and thus they cannot be sold or transferred to another wallet. However, since badges are NFTs, they can be sold or transferred as needed.

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Star Atlas now on Okcoin Exchange

Star Atlas tokens are now available on Okcoin Exchange. All Okcoin customers excluding residents of the EU, UK, Singapore and Brunei, can now deposit, withdraw and trade ATLAS against USD. Deposits have been live since September 28 and trading from September 29 8pm PT.  

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Fabricant crew gear in the mini-game

From what we know so far, at first at least, it will be strictly ships to start with. The FIRMAM3NTAL: STAR✶MAKERS crew gear collection, is designed by The Fabricant, and features exclusive Star Atlas digital couture with legendary and epic metaverse attributes.

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Ship-related features

Some titbits obtained from SA staff. There is currently no cap on the amount of ships that a player can control Collision physics should be present, but still unconfirmed There will be a training mode to earn your pilot’s/captain’s license. Partnership with Jet Protocol on leasing of ships is under way. No fixed date set

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Marketplace V2

The New Galactic Marketplace is Live!

The Galactic Marketplace is dead! Long live the Galactic Marketplace! – <said by no one, which is a missed opportunity really!> One year ago (August 5th, 2021), the team behind Star Atlas published the world’s first SFT Marketplace on Solana. Though most people might not realize this, that was actually

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Star Atlas DAO

POLIS Staking is Here!

It has been a long, long 4–6 weeks coming, but it has finally landed! POLIS staking is finally here in the form of the POLIS Locker! Now you can go and lock your POLIS for a number of months, or even years, and earn more POLIS in return for that.

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Branded hardware

Looking for a Star Atlas branded PC?

During the #426Live event today, the team announced that they partnered with iBUYPOWER to allow them to produce and sell a set of (limited edition) hardware! Announcement flyer The hardware in question is a Star Atlas-branded game PC, a branded headset and Deskpad featuring Star Atlas art! The Specs Let’s

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Star Atlas launches Referral Program

In an effort to grow the Star Atlas community, the team has just launched their Referral Program in an effort to encourage you to go out and invite your friends. If you accomplish this, various benefits will come your way! The name the team chose for this program is StarPath.

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Aephia 1 Year Anniversary 1

Aephia turns ONE!

A little over a year ago two Star Atlas enthusiasts, Prometheus & Funcracker, both from different continents in the physical world, started talking about the project’s ambitions, its development and the many possibilities it would come to offer. In particular, they discussed the concept of guilds in this space and

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Star Atlas Summer - Upcoming Releases!

Unless you took an offline sabbatical the last few weeks — not necessarily a bad idea, given the current state of the market — you will know that Star Atlas is getting ready for an action-packed summer! The team kicked things off last week with the Council of Peace Assembly, which brought the whole

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Airdrop – FTX Miami Attendance Trinket

In early May, The Star Atlas Team was at FTX Off Miami Beach Race Weekend. The community wanted to participate virtually; we are a metaverse community after all. The Team heard the community and promised surprises. They held live sign up’s for an unknown NFT and a T-Shirt. They delivered

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Alpha Mining Expedition – Discovery Report

Brought to you by our Community Expert Dez The TEAM (ATMTA) released quite a few details about SCREAM this week, ahead of the Town Hall on 13 May (no time given). It isn’t really news, but Michael Wagner (CEO, ATMTA) stated more explicitly that SCREAM is not intended to be

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Star Atlas News Rainbow Arc

SCREAM Updates

There was a surprising amount that came out over the past few days. We have updates to SCREAM, including a WIP first look and information on Resource Extraction (mining). SCREAM Updates: Gameplay We got a first look at the style of gameplay The TEAM is using for SCREAM. The Metaverse

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Council of Peace Station WIP

The Latest On The POLIS DAO

During the past Star Atlas Townhall, Michael shared a ton of information on the upcoming POLIS DAO. For those that missed it, or would like to read the summary of what was talked about, here you are! Dashboard page The POLIS DAO will come with a new dashboard page that

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