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Operating with a ledger

Operating with a ledger, will have its own downsides. In Michael Wagner’s (Star Atlas CEO) words, “We’re probably going to need to put some effort into sorting that out. Because the last thing you want to deal with is confirming a transaction on a hardware device in the heat of a battle. But we will

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Items that will be account-bound

Licenses, passports and character progression will be account-bound, and thus they cannot be sold or transferred to another wallet. However, since badges are NFTs, they can be sold or transferred as needed.

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Star Atlas now on Okcoin Exchange

Star Atlas tokens are now available on Okcoin Exchange. All Okcoin customers excluding residents of the EU, UK, Singapore and Brunei, can now deposit, withdraw and trade ATLAS against USD. Deposits have been live since September 28 and trading from September 29 8pm PT.  

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Fabricant crew gear in the mini-game

From what we know so far, at first at least, it will be strictly ships to start with. The FIRMAM3NTAL: STAR✶MAKERS crew gear collection, is designed by The Fabricant, and features exclusive Star Atlas digital couture with legendary and epic metaverse attributes.

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Ship-related features

Some titbits obtained from SA staff. There is currently no cap on the amount of ships that a player can control Collision physics should be present, but still unconfirmed There will be a training mode to earn your pilot’s/captain’s license. Partnership with Jet Protocol on leasing of ships is under way. No fixed date set

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Offensive VS Defensive VS Evasive

Danny Floyd, CPO of Star Atlas, talked briefly about the three different types of ships in the game: “It’s mostly a power management system, different components and modules take a power draw and based on the player’s play style will determine how to best kit out their ship. Offensive vs

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Loyalty Points and Blueprints

As the Star Atlas team published some more information about ship manufacturing and ship blueprints, players already speculate about somewhat of a blueprint skill tree. Chypto shared some light on the team’s approach on Discord: “For blueprint unlocks, I am leaning towards a different system where players spend loyalty points

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Player Ships VS NPC Ships

Michael Wagner, Star Atlas CEO, spoke about the difference in the upcoming gameplay in regard to ships operated by players or NPCs: “People populated ships should have an advantage over NPC operated ships, particularly at the granular first-person view. This assumes that all other variables are equal, and doesn’t account

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Roadmap update: DAO concerns

As every Friday, the Star Atlas team has published a short summary on the roadmap: 2022 Planning over, getting ready for official project kick-off on Monday Resources Mining Item Crafting Ship Exploration & Land Discovery Mobile Optimization Faction Selection implementation done Marketplace improvement proposal approved and ready for kickoff DAO:

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Your guide to shipbuilding

So you want to build ships in Star Atlas? What an enormously profitable business – in space! We just published an in-depth guide that teaches you everything you need to know about blueprints, loyalty and manufacturers!

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Transition to pure ATLAS markets?

In the beginning of the Galactic Asset Offerings, ships in Star Atlas were sold in USDC. Later in the year, the team started to offer half of the supply of a new ship in ATLAS. CEO Michael Wagner now revealed that this development could continue in the current year: “We

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Single sided ATLAS staking in Q1?

Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner confirmed the plans to enable single-sided POLIS and ATLAS staking in the first quarter of this year: “I would note that single-sided staking for both A/P are coming, and are priorities for the year. Targeting Q1. Just a note on POLIS voting – one POLIS

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Infographic for ship builders

You want to build ships in Star Atlas? With the latest roadmap update from the dev team, we learned a lot about the different manufacturers, how to acquire blueprints to craft ships, and much more! To help you navigate all this information, Aephia has published two infographics: Star Atlas Ship

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After Party Alpha II

After the Tow Hall was an after party where Chypto, Star Atlas team member, dropped quite a bit more alpha: Grand Strategy first Chypto confirmed once more that the UE5 game will start out as more of an RTS (Grand Strategy) and that jumping in ships to take first-person control

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After Party Alpha

After the Tow Hall was an after party where Chypto, Star Atlas team member, dropped quite a bit more alpha: Cream Version Zero No experience or loyalty accumulation in cream v0 – Loyalty accrual comes later and is tied to ship missions Fimbul is the base ship manufacturer (present in

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