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Will a Ledger account be supported for SCORE?

We have some good news from the Star Atlas Discord #foundation room for those using a Ledger wallet. On answering a question on whether a Ledger account will be supported for SCORE,  Star Atlas CEO, confirmed that “Ledger will function properly for ship enlistment. They just don’t current support the signMessage function, which means you

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DAO and staking

More hot news from the #foundation channel at Star Atlas Discord. When asked on what token will be earned from DAO staking, Star Atlas CEO, Michael Wagner, confirmed that there will not be any proxy tokens. “Staking and governance participation, do generate POLIS rewards“.

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Is there a limit to ship missions?

Answering a question on whether there will be a limit to the number of ships that can be deployed in SCORE (early mini-game) missions, Michael Wagner (Star Atlas CEO), confirmed that “Each ship type will be enlisted separately, and there is no limit to the quantity you can supply“. The way we understand it, is

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Star Atlas Townhall #20

Major points from the latest Star Atlas townhall: – SCORE (basic ship missions) target release date is still on track for November 18th. – POLIS DAO tier 0 target release date for December 8th. – 4 Rs (ammunition, food, health, fuel) formula is based on ship size/class and type. Each ship type has efficiency in

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meta verse explorer aephia

Town Hall #20 Highlights

Check out MetaVerse Explorer’s latest video highlighting the most important aspects of the latest Town Hall of Star Atlas from the 29th of October 2021.

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Multiple wallets and governance

With regards to multiple wallets and DAC management, Star Atlas CEO, Michael Wagner, confirmed that multiple wallets will be able to participate in DAC management. He stated that “I had some concerns about the lack of support for multi-sig currently present on Solana, but the response is: ‘for now, our design is [to] go around

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Official roadmap published

The Star Atlas team released their planned roadmap as a living document this morning. You can find the online version here. While this roadmap goes far into the future, we will have a look at the upcoming 30 days which contains two major pillars of the game: The mini game aka SCORE In our Discord

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About skill trees

In responding to a question in the Foundation Room, Star Atlas CPO, Danny Floyd, confirmed that “skill progression trees are linked with specific missions within that role. So you complete the missions to upgrade those trees. Ambient XP outside of missions is for individual crew onboard who are performing skills and upgrading their individual stats

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Crew members personality

In answering to a question about crew personality effects, Star Atlas CPO, Danny Floyd, confirmed that “all crew will benefit from each other. Although individuals have an OCEAN rating and so there’s personality management. Some crew can clash with each other which debuffs.” Same are planned for implementation when the ship-configurable missions of the browser-based

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About ship modules

Responding to a question about the Calico Compakt Hero ship modules, Star Atlas CPO, confirmed that the Hero will only have 2 module slots. Also, added that multi-role ships, will support most of the modules of correct size, “but could evolve over time with testing. Multi-role [ships] will support the most modules, but probably not

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Minor boosts through Badges

Participants of the ReBirth event received a variety of badges as rewards, that promise to “activate access to future perks and events. Rewarded to those who participated in the ReBirth event.” Asked about the function of those badges, Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner told the community that those badges will be associated with “some minor

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More on ships and mining

Bunthius (Star Atlas CPO), confirmed that solo ship mining, is going to be a post v1.0 rollout. Mining structures are going to be the way to extract mined resources. Mining ships are being spec’d out as of this writing(Oct ’21) for a “much later delivery and will be a specialised ship. Opod [VZUZ] is not

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Crafting ships and blueprints

Being asked how ship blueprints can be acquired, Star Atlas CEO, mentioned that they are still refining the process. However, “most likely, some combination of NPC merchant sales (for basic stuff), missions/quests with RNG, epic missions with boss fights, and PVP. He also added that “might also include drops as bonus items when levelling up

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Mining exclusive materials with ships

Asked whether Star Atlas intends to focus most resource production on land as opposed to specialised ships, Star Atlas CEO, Michael Wagner, said that “I would expect some ships to be competitive with pure land mining operations. Potentially with access to some exclusive materials.“

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Roadmap as at October 26th 2021

Today Danny Floyd (Star Atlas CPO) shared part of the near future roadmap. Ship missions were mentioned and it was confirmed that players would need to manage fuel, food, ammo and toolkits. Although mid November was mentioned as a release date for the mini game, the date is not yet set in stone. Also, targeted

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Shipbuilding info

We have some information regarding ship building from Michael Wagner (Star Atlas CEO). The time requirement will differ depending on the size of the ship/item. Mega projects will likely take quite a long time by default, but can potentially be sped up through additional contributions. He also added that “All resources will be required, though

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Game rewards

Answering a question on whether the mini game rewards will be adjusted by ATLAS to USD, Michael Wagner (Star Atlas CEO) confirmed that this will be the case. Star Atlas have target income rates denominated in ATLAS, but calculated against a USD exchange rate. He also added that “Still determining the frequency of those adjustments.

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Lands, buildings and materials

Following more questions from the Star Atlas Foundation Room, Star Atlas CEO, Robert Wagner, confirmed that tier 5 claims (land slots), will represent a larger area of operations. Higher tiers, will also allow for “more structures, greater productivity, and the ability to mine rarer materials.“

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More on claim stakes

More fresh news from the Star Atlas exclusive foundation room. Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner, confirmed that tier 1 (lowest) claim stakes (land slots) will be upgradeable all the way to tier 5 (highest). In reply to a question on whether space problems, like in adjacent land slots for example, will limit the upgradeability of

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Crew member procreation?

In this Youtube interview, Michael (Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas) said that “your crew members will from young age to essentially dying….and we can even introduce procreation in the game where you’re taking crew members and giving birth to new babies.”

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Star Atlas Guides by Aephia

Townhall Recap – February 3rd 2023

Santi kicked things off by sharing that Townhalls will no longer be organized every three weeks, as was the case during part of 2022. From now on, Townhalls will be held only when there is news to announce or whenever the community needs a Townhall (Santi added: “like this one,

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Pearce X6

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #64

The past week has been a quiet one. No reveals came from the team, and no public appearances or new articles have manifested. Well, that is not entirely true, the team did post a second (text) update to the Epic Games Store. There is nothing new here, but it’s well worth the read. Meanwhile, January is nearing its end, and in February, the team is expected to shed more light on what to expect from them this year.

It looks like the first step in this direction will come through a Townhall this Friday (February 3rd). The team seems confident this date will work out, but we are still awaiting official confirmation. So keep an eye out!

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Data Runners Report December 2022

The Aephia Data Runners present the monthly report on the economy of Star Atlas regarding adoption, user activity for S.C.O.R.E. & marketplace, trading volume for Ships, Collectibles, Claim Stakes & CSS Land, Star Atlas DAO Treasury, Aephia Ship Price Index, Census over Faction, etc. USERS – new faction registrations weekly

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aephia tier 2 habitats star atlas

Aephia acquires habs in all three Central Space Stations

When Elenzul, the Director of Habitation for the Council of Peace (CoP), unveiled the Cosmic Overture program in the Great Hall of the Council of Peace Assembly, we immediately went to work. If safeguarding the delicate balance of peace in the galaxy is not worth stepping up as a company,

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project cataclsym card game star atlas

Aephia announces “Project Cataclysm”

Join the ranks of legendary space commanders in Project Cataclysm, the collectible card game featuring iconic ships from the Star Atlas universe. Choose your strategy and take on opponents in epic best-of-three battles! In Project Cataclysm, players will have the opportunity to collect and build decks featuring iconic ships from

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aephia partners with quimera star atlas news

Aephia partners with Quimera

The vast emptiness of space… … is rife with opportunity and dangers. You don’t want to be alone out there. That is why so many brave Star Atlas pioneers have decided to team up and explore this big black void together. Over time, strangers turned into friends. And every so

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Townhall recap – December 16th, 2022

Santi and Michael are hosting this very last Townhall of the year! Skin Airdrop The year 2022 had ups and downs. Today SCORE is celebrating its 1-year-old anniversary! To show appreciation to the community for sticking with the team through everything and to celebrate SCORE’s birthday, the team is dropping

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426Live:NYK  – Recap

Today, September 29th, saw the second — long-awaited — Star Atlas 426Live event! It started with a short keynote by Michael Wagner (CEO) in which he briefly introduced the various topics that would be covered next and shared a few of his favourite quotes. After he wrapped up, the real meat of the event

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426Love ❤️

The Star Atlas team’s first 426Live event is over and it was a blast! For those who missed it: fear not! We’ve got you covered! A bit of History It was September 4th last year (2021) during the 15th Townhall, when Michael — for the first time — uttered the words “4 to 6 weeks”.

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