Star Atlas Guild

Guilds in Star Atlas

One of the questions that pop up quite often on the Star Atlas’ Discord is this: “Why should I join a guild? And what guild should I join?” To give

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Factions: How to Choose?

Back before Faction Selection was launched, we published a guide to help you choose your faction. Since then, more information has become available, so it became time to revisit this

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star atlas bounties

Star Atlas: Bounties 101

A little over a week ago the team, specifically Chypto, released a document that outlines some of their initial ideas with regards to the various risks involved with gameplay in

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aephia tipping atlas

Tipping ATLAS

Now that Star Atlas is enabling us to earn ATLAS with SCORE, it’s time to enable you all to easily distribute those earnings to others 😜 Or in other words:

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star atlas vzus ballad shipbuilding guide

Blueprints & Loyalty

The information below is largely derived from an article by Star Atlas’ Chypto and information he shared on Discord, the most recent Townhall, and the Townhall After Party on Twitter.

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