Star Atlas Guild

Guilds in Star Atlas

One of the questions that pop up quite often on the Star Atlas’ Discord is this: “Why should I join a guild? And what guild should I join?” To give

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Factions: How to Choose?

Back before Faction Selection was launched, we published a guide to help you choose your faction. Since then, more information has become available, so it became time to revisit this

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star atlas bounties

Star Atlas: Bounties 101

A little over a week ago the team, specifically Chypto, released a document that outlines some of their initial ideas with regards to the various risks involved with gameplay in

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aephia tipping atlas

Tipping ATLAS

Now that Star Atlas is enabling us to earn ATLAS with SCORE, it’s time to enable you all to easily distribute those earnings to others 😜 Or in other words:

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