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Star Atlas - Fimbul ECOS Superphoenix [Concept Art]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #125

The second UE5 Multiplayer Stress test is coming, and everyone participating will be rewarded! But there is a lot more about to happen in the Star Atlas ecosystem! This Tuesday, April 16th, expect some drastic changes to the Economy and Starbased! This is all in the future, however. What happened

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SAGE Starbased - Play now!

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #124

SAGE Starbased is live! There are no two ways about it: the biggest news this past week was, without a doubt, the mainnet launch of SAGE Starbased. But that does not mean nothing else happened. We got a second Surge test this past Saturday, an announcement date for the next

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The Last Stand

Breaking: The Last Stand SOLD!

A small group of Aephians has collaborated to secure The Last Stand mk. VIII.

This Titan ship is the latest, 8th-generation model of The Last Stand (TLS), the Sogmian-built battleship that famously led to the end of the Convergence War 100 years ago. The Mark VIII, built by the popular ONI

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STAR ATLAS 20240330 201753114

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #123

Last week was relatively quiet, but we did get some good stuff from the team. The first UE5 Surge test took place, and the Quarterly Econ Paper for Q1 of 2024 was released. The big news, however, was the announcement that Starbased will go live this Tuesday, April 2nd. There

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Star Atlas - Rainbow Phi [Concept Art]

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #122

The highlight of last week was, no doubt, the long-awaited publication of the new roadmap! It provides great insight into the rough order in which the team plans to release certain features to the players. Additionally, we almost had a short multiplayer stress test test, but it was canceled at

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Star Atlas Alive

Star Atlas: The Road Ahead

Last night, the Star Atlas team published their long-awaited official roadmap!

Let’s check out what’s new, what are the surprises, and compare this with the 2022 roadmap while at it!

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Rainbow Phi Titan ship

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #121

Last week was the quietest week in a while, so we’ll keep this newsletter short! The big news was that the Titan ship introduced last week, the Rainbow Phi, has already been sold! But, likely more important to most of you, was the news that the team added priority fees

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Pearce T1 Titan ship

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #120

Last week’s issue was chock-full of news shared during the first-ever Community Week. As expected, the week after was a very quiet one, with no new announcements or revelations from the team. We did learn a lot more about one of the Titan sales. On top of that, Michael (CEO)

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