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Mystery Tufa ship

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #108

The last month of the year has begun, and anticipations are rising as to what the team may, or may not release before the end of the year. So, we’re going to start there this time. On top of that, though the team did not reveal that much new information,

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100 Years of Peace

A Merry Christmas Star Atlas Writing Competition

Interstellar Communication, Year 2623 of the MUD Calendar — The Cradle Today marks the centennial of a pivotal moment in galactic history: the signing of the Treaty of Peace by Bekalu, Armi.eldr, and Charon Gotti, ending the catastrophic Convergence War. As a firsthand witness to this historic event, I reflect

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Star Atlas - Navigating Star Atlas

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #107

Another relatively quiet week went by in the Star Atlasverse. For those not having won something cool during the Golden Ticket raffle, the new Navigating Star Atlas episode was most likely the highlight of the past week. Besides that, we’ve got some news on CORE, GAM3 awards, the special Rayfam

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Opal Rayfam - Concept Art

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #106

As we approach the end of the year, these post-Breakpoint days are slowly ticking away. We expect some cool bits and pieces of news before the year’s over, though, so stay tuned! The past week saw the release of a new issue of CORE, some changes to SAGE Labs, and

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Gary Sanchez - Ship skin concepts - jet jetjet solos scud 03br

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #105

With the big Breakpoint reveals behind us, the flow of news from the team has, unsurprisingly, slowed to a trickle. But after working towards an event that big, that was expected. It does mean that this issue will be on the shorter side again.

The highlight of last week was, no

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BP23 Group picture cropped

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #104

Breakpoint is behind us, the first Golden Ticket draw went smoothly, and the second raffle is now open for submission. Of course, we also had a Breakpoint Community meetup in Amsterdam. And certainly worth mentioning, the team surprise-launched a combat easter-egg in SAGE Labs.

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Solana Breakpoint 2023. - Star Atlas Keynote

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #103

Today, the biggest Solana event of the year kicked off in Amsterdam, and Star Atlas is there! On Thursday, November 2nd, Michael gives a Keynote speech on the main stage, and on Tuesday, October 31st, there will be a community meetup in two parts. But throughout the week, Star Atlas

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Opal Rayfam

Weekly Star Atlas Newsletter #102

The team has upped their game, as we got a bunch of releases and information from them last week! Not only is there a new, impactful patch for SAGE Labs, but the team has launched a new show, kicking off with a rare interview with Danny (CPO), and Michael (CEO)

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