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STEP 1/3


Joining Aephia will take you less than 5 minutes. The first step is to hop onto our Discord server – the heart of our community, where all the fun stuff happens:

Once you get there, you start your journey with the role of being an “Spacefarer“, a proud new citizen of the Star Atlas metaverse. You will be granted immediate access to all public channels on our Discord. To become a full member of our organisation and unlock our private channels, it is now time to apply for a membership.

STEP 2/3


Applying for a membership is easy – you just have to fill out a short form with a few questions to get the role of an Aephian – which grants you further access to our Discord channels! The following button will take you to our #start-here channel on Discord:

Before we begin, let’s make sure that you allow our server to send you a direct message (DM):
allow direct messages

The next step in your application process is to click this little icon at the bottom:

apply for membership

You are assigned the role of an Aephian Applicant and you will receive a short survey from our Form Fox bot we would kindly ask you to fill out.

form fox bot

Upon collection of your survey, our community experts will review your application and get back to you on short notice!

Feel free to roam the public channels in the meantime and don’t hesitate to ask questions or contact our mods or community experts regarding your application.

Once your application is approved, you will be assigned the role of a true Aephian! Congratulations!

But wait – there is more! You want full access to every available channel and all future features of Aephia? Then let’s get you ready for the future and verify your Star Atlas wallet!


Please wait until your membership is approved before continuing

STEP 3/3


A verification of your wallet will give us the opportunity to confirm that you’re part of our guild and in return, we can unlock features and channels for you in the future. It will also grant you the role of a “Verified Wallet“. For the verification process, we’re working with our partner Grape.

Note: This feature will come fully into play, once there is the possibility in the Star Atlas game to join our guild (or DAC, as it is called in this metaverse). Since this is not integrated yet – this step is a bonus.

The verification process is done in 2 steps:

Step 1: Verify your Wallet via Grape

The process of verifying your wallet with Grape and Aephia can be either done with a Software Wallet or a Hardware Wallet (like Ledger). Let us show you both routes, starting with the Software Wallet option.

Option A: Software Wallet

Note that at this time the following wallets are supported:

– Sollet
– Phantom
– SolFlare

Click the button below and follow the steps outlined on the page that is opened. You will be asked to login to Discord (if not logged in already), connect your wallet and finally sign a order to connect the two.

Option B: Hardware Wallet

Note that at this time only the Ledger hardware wallet is supported.

To verify your Ledger wallet, please send a DM in Discord to the verification bot with a single command: !verify

To do this, just start a conversation in Discord with @grape (please make sure it is GRAPE#0192) and send the message “!verify”.

grape bot

The Grape bot will answer with a message looking like this:

“Please send 0.000071 SOL to your own wallet address from the same wallet address and paste the TXN as your response”

The ammount of Solana might vary, this is just an example. What sounds a bit confusing is basically very simple:

1. Access your wallet and send the exact ammount of Solana given by the Grape bot from your wallet to your wallet – you’ll basically send a little ammount of SOL to yourself.

2. Find your transaction via the Solana Explorer and copy the Signature:

solana explorer txn

Now you need to go back to your conversation with the Grape bot on Discord and just paste the Signature. If everything worked out, the Grape bot will answer:

“Your wallet has been linked to your Discord id!”

Congratulations – you have now verified your Ledger and Star Atlas profile with Aephia!

Step 2: Click the Solana Icon

Oftentimes overlooked – this is the final step in the verification process: Just click the Solana Icon at the end of the #verify-wallet-channel:

grape bot solana icon

And that’s it! If you have any questions or problems with this process – we have a dedicated #verify-help channel and a #verify-faq channel.


Awesome! You now have your full membership and a verfied wallet – welcome again to Aephia! Why not head over to the Cantina and have a drink with us – or introduce yourself.

We also wrote a complete Beginners guide after becoming a member of Aephia.

We also invite you to follow us on Twitter or Medium. Or – if you want to educate yourself further about Aephia, check out our FAQ’s.