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The #1 ship manufacturing guild in the Star Atlas Metaverse with branches in all 3 factions


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Looking for a strong presence in @staratlas? @aephia is recruiting.

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Aephia is one of the oldest and biggest guilds with over 800+ active members and over $1,000,000 TVL in ships and assets.

Aephia is present in all three factions (ONI, MUD & Ustur) for vertical business integration and full control of our supply chains.

star atlas all three factions aep aephia
focus on profit

Peace is kept whenever possible but our war fleet will retaliate, whenever necessary.

We provide our members with exclusive strategic insight and in-depth blockchain and data analysis.

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run by veterans

Aephia was founded by two OG’s (Prometheus & Funcracker) who later became community moderators on the official Star Atlas Discord.

Aephia’s efforts are exclusively aimed at success within Star Atlas. We are not dabbling in other crypto-games.

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star atlas all three factions aep aephia 03
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Our corporate gameplan

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Our community gameplan


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Most active

4/5 accounts by activity on Star Atlas Discord server are Aephians.

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Most knowledgeable

3/3 Star Atlas game trivia competition winners are Aephians.

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Most creative

2/3 Star Atlas writing competition winners are Aephians.

A force to be reckoned with

Aephia is, and has always been, a force to be reckoned with. In our ranks over 1,700+ active members strive for the development of their dream, strengthening Aephia with their vision and backing us with their trust and over $1.000.000 of ships and in-game assets.

Aephia demands an honorable playstyle in the metaverse while at the same time, providing opportunities for those who want to play the game to their own strengths. We want the best in you to take over and develop as you see fit. This duality makes Aephia one of the Top-Tier-Guilds in Star Atlas.

Advanced 3 Faction Strategy

Star Atlas has three factions. ONI, MUD and Ustur. Every faction has its own unique materials, strengths and weaknesses. We plan to build every spaceship possible and we need all of the resources.

So naturally, Aephia decided to pioneer a multi-faction approach, setting up an AEP-DAC in every faction. This means that we can welcome every single interested being in the metaverse into our ranks and can in turn offer them help with a much more diverse network of resources and crafting abilities than other guilds.

With Aephia you have the freedom to play any faction you like and maximize your chance of success.

Focus on Profit, not PvP

Our Star Atlas veterans formulated a strategy for your success – and to maximize your profits! We plan to build ships and sell them, not blow them up. This will be an enormously profitable business in space.

To secure our business, Aephia keeps the peace whenever possible. We understand war as the last means of politics and exhaust every other opportunity before resorting to it.

We cannot abide undue aggression, however. We don’t negotiate with terrorists and when we have to retaliate, there will be holes in the sky.

With Aephia, business comes first! There is no place for grifters, warlords and pirates in our organization. We build, own and earn. We do not plunder, steal and burn.

Metagame the Metaverse

In the growing metaverse economy, building spaceships is a job for many hands and minds. Our network of motivated members and OG experts will explore the hazardous metaverse with you, researching strategies to optimize profit and to build, own and earn together.

To that end, we provide our members with exclusive strategic insight and in-depth blockchain and data analysis. All of this helps you to confront the many pitfalls of play-to-earn, avoid mistakes and safely increase income.

Run by Veterans

The birth of the Star Atlas Metaverse is the beginning of Aephia’s story. We formulated our mission as one of the first guilds and boast a large number of experienced Star Atlas veterans.

Our founders and leaders are two Star Atlas OG’s, [AEP] Funcracker and [AEP] Prometheus who have served as Community Moderators on the original Star Atlas Discord since that role was first created.

With Aephia you can benefit from this expertise and learn, grow, build, own and earn with us.

Star Atlas Only

Laser-sharp focus is very helpful while trying to solve big problems. The Star Atlas Metaverse is calling out with a promising, yet terrifying roar.

All of Aephia’s focus and resources are mustered to answer that call. We know what we want. Our efforts are exclusively aimed at success within Star Atlas. We do not distract ourselves with or even just dabble in other blockchain games, like many other guilds do. We build, own and earn with focus.

Through this unparalleled vision, Aephia rises as an unstoppable force.