Aephia Ship Rating

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In our Aephia ship rating (developed by our member AndrewB in cooperation with Sensei Yamura) we take a look at the original ship configuration as currently offered on the Star Atlas marketplace in terms of components and modules.

The intended roles of the crew (such as Turret Gunner or Engineer) do not play a role so far, nor does the manufacturer of the ship or the role of the ship (Bounty Hunter, Fighter, etc).

We consider each ship with respect to seven different categories: Map Speed, Warp Speed, Offence, Defense, Crew Uptime, Range, and Cargo. Suppose there are oversized modules and components in a basic configuration or options that are particularly beneficial for one of the categories. In that case, this leads to a better rating and vice versa.

It should also be noted that we always base our ratings on the average corresponding to their size category (from XX-small to Commander).

Map Speed | Here the size of the Impulse Engine is the most important factor.

Warp Speed | The size of the installed warp drive is decisive here.

Offense | The more Weapon Hardpoints the better. But also the size of the hardpoints plays a decisive role, as well as any ammunition or bomb bay modules or missile bays.

Defense | A combination of size and presence of Maneuvering Thrusters, Shield Generators, Countermeasure Bays, and Hull Reinforcement determine the defense value of a ship.

Crew Uptime | A measure of the operational efficiency gaining bonuses from the Mess Hall, Theater, and Art Gallery. According to the developers, modules such as these have a positive influence on the “rest attribute” and the “long-term morale” of the crew.

A high rest stat will boost the crew performance which buffs the overall ship performance and more directly the stations those particular crew members are operating.

Range | This determines whether there are additional fuel modules.

Cargo | According to the devs, every ship can carry cargo, but the size of the cargo modules and the cargo modules they carry will determine whether they get a bonus or not.