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We chose shipbuilding because of several reasons:

1. Because this allows us to cater to nearly all roles that exist in the game.

2. It is one of the most prestigious things that can be done in the metaverse. We will start small, but it is our goal to one day create mothership class ships!

3. It speaks to people’s imagination. Mining ore and selling that is a fine goal in itself, but creating spaceships has a little more flair to it.

There is a good chance we will, but only if we are able to create it in such a way that it becomes a highly interesting and enticing proposition to our members.

This DAC has been created primarily to participate in the metaverse that is Star Atlas. That said, our members dabble in other crypto-games as well, and we have set up a few channels to help them coordinate and organize.

Because we like to keep ourselves grounded in the rich lore that is present in Star Atlas. A little in-fiction roleplay never hurt nobody, in fact we believe it enriches the whole experience!

We’re not that kind of company, it’s the year 2621 after all 😉 This is more of a cooperation between talented individuals, who believe they can improve their profits and their enjoyment by banding together. We use the term corporation primarily because that is what guilds are referred to in Star Atlas, and that is what we are after all.

We have private channels for those who decided to join our corporation. By far most of the chatter happens in those.

In case you missed it until now, please check out our 🖖start-here channel for instructions on how to apply.

No. You can only be a member of one guild in the game. So choose carefully.

Aephia Industries will exist in all three factions. You, as a player, will have complete freedom to decide which faction you want to partake in. Or in other words: No matter what faction you register with, you’ll have a place with us! This will enable Aephia to achieve full vertical business integration and full control over our supply chains.

Aephia will have a DAC in each of the three factions. It is likely that each of these comes with its own tokens and governance options. We plan to have one DAO to rule them all. We are waiting to see how DACs are exactly implemented by the developers, before pinning down how our DAO will work in detail. Another caveat is that Solana does not have adequate services at the moment to create a DAO with rich capabilities, that would allow Aephia to move to a fully decentralized future. Fortunately work on DAOs is ongoing by the Solana dev teams and we hope to embrace these once they become available.

Yes, if the terms are right. During Townhall #19, Michael announced that the team is busy creating a platform to hook up VC’s to interested DAC’s. Besides this initiative, there are other investors occasionally contacting Aephia directly. Since investors are looking to get a good ROI, some kind of value needs to flow in their direction as a result of them investing in us. The exact terms of such an investment make all the difference. While we are open to discuss these kind of collaborations, we will refuse to accept terms that hurt our members’ bottom line.

Yes, you can! We cater to regular players, scholars and scholarship managers alike. It makes no difference to us if you control your (considerable) asset portfolio by yourself, or through your scholars. Besides all the regular benefits of joining our corporation, you will also be able to adopt new players that join us, who are looking for a scholarship.

If you have no capital to buy a ship, or would like to increase your earnings by controlling a larger fleet, you are welcome with us! Our members have a considerable amount of assets and there is a good chance they will happily lend these to you regularly. Or, if you’re looking for more security and stability, one of our resident scholarship managers can offer you a more traditional scholarship. Please note that the smart contracts to facilitate lending of in-game assets are still in development. It looks like scholarship-type gameplay won’t become reality before Q2 2022.

You are free to pursue any avenue of the gameplay you desire – explore far-away systems, run a spaceship gas station, create a metaverse news or entertainment center, or anything else that you come up with! All of this is possible as a part of Aephia! The only activity which we prohibit is piracy

We’re afraid not. This is the only activity we don’t allow our members to engage in, since it doesn’t fit the corporate brand image we are striving for.

You can absolutely pursue your own business as a member of Aephia Industries and lead that independently of the supply chain Aephia is managing. We are a cooperative of individuals. If there are other Aephians operating in the same region of space performing the same kind of activity, we do however expect you to seriously explore cooperation with them instead of competing.

If your enterprise is a good fit for the area Aephia is operating in, then operating your business under our flag is quite possible. This will have to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

If you join Aephia with a friend then you should indeed make sure to both join the same faction in order to be able to play together.

Faction selection will determine your area of activity. The faction’s zones of operations are spread out quite a bit, and one needs to travel through the high-risk zone to reach another faction’s space. Additionally, there will be more mechanisms that make multiplayer gameplay more difficult between different factions.

Usage of the AEP tag is optional, both on Aephia’s Discord server and on any other servers or games.
Note that on Aephia’s Discord server, it’s the Aephian-role that determines membership, not the tag.

We do appreciate members who add the AEP tag to there names on other Discord servers, like the official Star Atlas one, as it helps with our exposure there. Please realize that if you do use the tag on other servers, you are representing our brand over there as well.

Aephia Industries is a dedicated Star Atlas corporation, something we regard as a major selling point compared to other gaming guilds. However, if in the future a significant enough portion of our members wants to create a branch for another crypto game, we’re all ears!

We do not ask for members’ personal information. However, be aware that during the game and chats, members will learn information that you will share. Also, as a part of the game activity, others, not just our members, will be able to see wallet transactions on the blockchain, and people interacting with you will be able to associate with you.

We are very excited when experienced people join our ranks. However, we do not appoint newcomers to senior roles. Promotions are currently will be based on activity levels, showing above-average knowledge and help offered to other members. Our current structure is very flat, but we’ll create roles and promote people into those roles in lockstep with the releases of game modules.